Oklahoma Attorney General Joins Fight Against Alcoholic Fruit Drink

Thursday, April 21st 2011, 12:08 pm
By: News 9


OKLAHOMA CITY -- Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt has joined a multistate fight against a new alcoholic fruit-flavored drink called "Blast by Colt 45."

The effort is to reduce the alcohol content of the new fruit-flavored product that contains nearly five times the alcohol of a typical drink.

In a letter to Pabst Brewing Company, attorneys general from 17 states and territories, including Oklahoma, Maryland, Washington, Illinois and Utah, urged company officials to lower the alcohol content of "Blast by Colt 45" to avoid overdrinking by college students and underage drinkers. The drink, which arrived on store shelves this month, contains 12 percent alcohol.

"This alcohol product is packaged in colorful cans and labeled with fruit juice flavors in a clear attempt to entice younger consumers," Pruitt said. "Unfortunately, consuming just one can of this drink within an hour, provides enough alcohol to fall under the definition of binge drinking. This acute intoxication can be harmful in many ways and causes serious concern."

Among the concerns expressed in the letter, is the mistaken belief by college students and young drinkers that they can drink more of this product and stay sober because of the carbonation and fruit juice. The product is labeled with "real fruit" flavors such as strawberry, grape and blueberry pomegranate, which may confuse younger drinkers on actual alcohol content.

"The health risks associated with binge drinking such as motor vehicle crashes, sexual assault, sudden infant death syndrome and alcohol poisoning are a particular threat to consumers under age 21, given that about 90 percent of alcohol consumed by Americans under age 21 is while binge drinking," Pruitt said. "We are hopeful the brewing company will heed our concerns and find a way to improve their product without threatening our youth."