OKC Mom Arrested, Banned From School For Encouraging Son To Fight

Friday, April 22nd 2011, 3:25 pm
By: News 9


OKLAHOMA CITY -- Police arrested a mother at an Oklahoma City school after witnesses said the woman pushed her son into a fight.

The principal of Eisenhower Elementary School called police Tuesday, April 19, to report a parent who was creating a disturbance. When officers arrived, witnesses told them 34-year-old Monica Mullin had pushed her 9-year-old son into fighting with two other students in the cafeteria.

Mullin told officers her son often came home crying because he'd been bullied by four boys for several months. She said she spoke to the principal and the parents of the boys, but nothing was done to correct the situation.

Mullin said the previous day, one of the boys had called her son a bum. She said since the school wasn't taking action, she told her son to "handle it."

Witnesses told police Mullin pushed her son into a fight with the alleged bullies. When other adults tried to pull the boys apart, Mullin allegedly pushed her son back into the boys and encouraged them to fight saying, "Let him go. I got this."

Adults tried again to break up the fight and send Mullin's son to the office, but witnesses said Mullin grabbed the child again and pushed him into another student, prompting another fight. Other adults finally pulled all the kids apart and called police.

Officers arrested Mullin for disorderly conduct. The principal also banned her from the school because of the incident.