Road Trip Oklahoma Headed To Guthrie

Friday, April 22nd 2011, 3:35 pm
By: News 9

Road Trip Oklahoma is on the move again.

The next stop for Road Trip Oklahoma - Guthrie, Oklahoma.

Oklahoma's Own News 9 is taking a trip to Oklahoma's first state capital on April 29th. Guthrie sprung up overnight with a rush of settlers before the historic April 22, 1889 land run. This landmark of a city has preserved over 2,000 buildings in its 1,400 acre Guthrie Historical District.

Guthrie is home to many antique shops, bed and breakfasts, and even an award winning boot maker. Guthrie's own Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival, which draws over 15,000 people annually, was created and is still planned by famous resident, Byron Berline. Byron's professional fiddle playing career includes performances with Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, and The Rolling Stones.

Join News 9 on April 29th to explore Guthrie and see what sets it apart from other Oklahoma towns.