OKC Murder Victim's Ex-Wife Talks

Friday, May 20th 2011, 11:04 pm
By: News 9

Dana Hertneky, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- She walked in on the unimaginable: to find her ex-husband and father of her children and another woman murdered.

It happened Tuesday evening where two people were found shot to death inside a southeast Oklahoma City trailer.

Police have not named a suspect yet but the woman who made the discovery said she wants to set the record straight.

"It's unbearable," Kaye Sellon Langley said. She can't seem to get the images out of her head.

"Nobody should have to die the way these people died," Langley said. "The anger that was brought out in that is unbelievable and something nobody should see,"

Langley walked in on the crime scene Tuesday afternoon after her daughter's school called and said her ex-husband Jason hadn't picked up their daughter.

"On the day he had plans with mom to go have dinner, on the day he was supposed to pick his daughter up from school and spend the week with her, it's senseless. It makes no sense,"

Langley said what makes even less sense is what she saw. The home wasn't ransacked. Nothing was missing.

But she says the bodies of her ex-husband Jason and Chrystal Zondor revealed a violent crime.

"The way she was killed was angry and more at her than just him," Langley said.

Even though Kaye and Jason were recently divorced she says he was a good man and a good father.

"It wasn't anything he wouldn't try for his kids, he loved them dearly,"

And that's what she wants everyone to know, especially their five year old daughter.

"I'm still dealing with every night her saying I want to see daddy, I want to talk to daddy and just telling her God took him up."

Langley said she is keeping many of the details of what she saw to herself until the case is solved.

The Oklahoma City police department is offering a cash reward for anyone with information that could lead to an arrest.