Tornado Collapses House On Top Of Washington Family

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 12:56 am
By: News 9

Jon Jordan, News 9

WASHINGTON, Oklahoma -- A Washington, Okla., family used their cell phone to call for help when Tuesday's tornado destroyed their home, piling the debris on top of the couple.

Ron and Lil Mercer only had a few seconds to take cover in a closet before the tornado roared down their street.

"It was across the road from us. I got in the closet, slammed the door, covered our heads with pillows and it was over in seconds," Ron Mercer said.

Even after the tornado that wiped out the Mercers' home passed, the couple's troubles were far from over.

The home that just moments before protected the couple from the tornado was now on top of them.

"When the walls caved in, I thought we might suffocate. I couldn't move," Lil Mercer said.

Ron spotted a four inch split in the debris above them and used his cell phone to call 911 for help.

"It took them about 30 minutes to get us out," said Lil. "Like, eight or nine men lifting the walls off us."