Landry to face unprecedented pressure in Lincoln

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:18 pm
By: News 9

Originally Published: Nov 4, 2009 9:26 PM CDT

I've just finished doing a couple of radio shows for Nebraska stations. They are always respectful of Oklahoma, the rivalry, and disappointed that the Big 12 set-up keeps the teams from sparring every November.

They also don't understand how the odds makers have OU only a six and a half point favorite. They just don't see their true freshman QB having success with his struggling offense against a defense that is anything but struggling.

But Nebraskans are like Oklahomans in the sense that when their team is winning the blemishes are covered. When things aren't going so well then all the warts are exposed. Verbally. Emotionally. Spiritually. Yes, football is a religion in Nebraska. Just like Oklahoma.

Thus, I'm not buying that the guys who predict these games for a living are off their rockers. I see NU's tremendous front four wreaking havoc with OU's embattled run-game blocking. I see Bo and brother Carl, the defensive coordinator, picking spots to blitz Landry Jones as much as possible. If OU had any semblance of a run game I would say that blitz-blitz-blitz theory could be exposed.

Jones has been impressive under pressure—figuratively and literally—against some quality opponents. But my hunch is he’ll see more guys in his face and more of booty on the turf than he’s seen or will see from here on out. If he passes this test I say the guy has a chance?.meaning a chance to be another special Stoops Era QB. Amazing that after a decade of Without A Trace of QB play--from the late Gibbs days to the Boo Blake three-year stanza—OU has had remarkable QB play from guys with quality character to boot.

But without a run game it will be hard to move the ball consistently. So it will probably boil down to whether OU's offense can make enough big plays to offset an evening when punter Tress Way could be so busy that he might get a cardiovascular workout.

I'm picking Oklahoma.  Just don't see Nebraska scoring over 13 points.

But I don't know if OU can score over 20.

Let's see. That's 20-13 OU. Sooners by 7.

Didn't we say those guys who do it for a living have OU a six and a half fave?

Maybe they know what they are doing after all.


Join me for live chat during the game as you can sit back in Oklahoma and I'll sit in the press box trying to make sense of what's going on. Loved your opinions so far. Look forward to "chatting."