Flawed logic believes it best if Durant's scoring streak stops

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:21 pm
By: News 9

Originally Published: Feb 23, 2010 12:20 PM CDT

There is a band of brothers that believes it would be best for the OKC Thunder if Kevin Durant’s streak of 28 straight games of scoring 25 points or more come to an end. Bad for team chemistry?too pressure on the poor lad?and more lame reasoning. I’ve heard it all now.

Durant was asked about this idea. His answer told it all. His team is 20-8 during his streak. He and teammates say there is no problem with team chemistry and if there were, they are such close friends that someone would tell him.

This flawed logic would have meant Durant would have passed up his three-pointer with six seconds remaining that ended in a thrilling OT win I guess it would have been better for team chemistry if Rusty Westbrook, J. Green, or Thabo Deadeye Sefalosha had launch an inevitable up the game-loser.

Talk about looking for the negative. Of course if Durant passed up a shot like that the critics would then scream that he’s not stepping up in the clutch. Can’t win for losing.

This city is on fire. Haven’t see it like this in a long time. KDs magical streak is wonderful and exciting for the fans and the team--the cherry on top of a potentially historic season. Why out-think something special? K-I-S-S theory needed here.

Let me get this right. So it would be best for the team if Durant’s streak stopped?  Why? They’re the hottest team in the league winning nine straight...projected to win 51 games. Durant’s mates love him. They see his work ethic in practice?spectacular team chemistry. Concerns about that are misguided. So are questions about Durant and the team handling the pressure?that’s going fine, thank you.

Last time I checked when Durant scores the Thunder gets points. And the team with the most points wins. And the Thunder has had the most points in 20 of 28 games since the streak began. FYI, Durant’s team hasn’t lost since I first heard the critics chirp the nonsense.

An emailer sent this perspective: “Can’t believe the brouhaha. Some argue that only those who have been in the sports arena, competed at some of the highest levels of sports, would fully understand how one's personal achievements can be coalesced into those goals of his or her team. And that's especially true with a young team like the Thunder, which has a chance to make history on several fronts - individually and as a team.” Couldn’t have said it better.

Let me ask you this. Do you think the Thunder think their losing streak should end so Scott Brooks can't be coach of the year? Of course not.

How in the world could anyone that knows this team, its staff, players and Durant himself, think the streak is bad for team chemistry? Absolutely not. Not when it's really a "team" like the Thunder is developing into. The Thunder know what Durant means to the team, and his peers undoubtedly would take pride and a sense of achievement in adding his personal achievement into one of the many things they're on the precipice of achieving this season."

How often does a team have a chance to do what the Thunder is doing? More to the point, how often does a player have a chance to do what Durant is doing? Not very often and not very often.

Naysayers, take your microscopic micromanaging to Cajun Country. Go to Bourbon Street and tell the revelers that the Saints got lucky to win the Super Bowl. Tell them Drew Brees almost blew it when he tore up the league for most of the regular season. Tell them team chemistry was at risk.

I’m heading to the game tonight (another where our OKC Thunder has gotten a big break—Steve Nash won’t play due to injury). I guess if the guy next to me is pulling against Durant he will have been suckered in by this balderdash line of thinking. Trust me. When Durant scores less than 25 points, the chances for a Thunder win go down dramatically.

The anti-streak contingent is going to have a problem with this Durant streak thing. When one streak is over, another is going to begin. He’s that good. 20, 25 and 30. The average number of points he’s scored in his first three years. Any reason to believe that number will not reach 32 or 33 next season.

Oh no! That’ll really set of the group believing the streak is bad for the team. This bunch would have really had problems with Joe DiMaggio and his streak. Hide the knives!

Let it be. Give it a rest. Enjoy. Or at least let us savor a feat that might become one of the most memorable in memory.