In La La Land with ailing Kobe and flailing KD

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:22 pm
By: News 9

Originally Published: Apr 19, 2010 8:31 PM CDT

This morning we attended parts of practices and the media opportunities with the Thunder and the Lakers. I came away with the feeling that the Thunder thinks they can play better and win Game 2. But I got the feeling the Lakers believe theyd have to really stink up the joint not to win.

Other random musings
-Kevin Durant is a kida lot to learn and a lot of growing up to do.

-Ron Artest was successful against Durant forcing KD to put up 24 shots to score 24 points by being physical with the lanky Longhorn.  Within the confines of the rules, The Blonde Bomber held and pushed and shoved an intimidated KD and got him out of his game. Durant must run non-stop, come off screens harder and not rely on his signature jab-step jumper.

-I interviewed Lamar Odom and got the distinct feeling he thinks Durant is an overrated gunner. He called Artest maybe the best wing defender in the history of the league.

-Even Kobe took time to meet with the media while Durant did not. The Thunder says they dont want to wear him out and that he had a lengthy taping with TNT to do. I appreciate that to a degree but have to tell you that the Lakers were completely accessible to a horde of mediakinda surprising to me.

-Kobe was in a horrible moodeven admitted as much. Lots of one word answers including mine. I asked him what made Thabo Sefalosha so tough on defense. Kobe said length. Hey, at least I can tell people Kobe and I had a conversation this afternoon.

-I think Kobe and Phil Jackson are very concerned about the health of Kobe, and thus the health of the Lakers. I dont think the Lakers will win the NBA title and doubt that they will make it out of the west.

-Kobes finger is causing him lots of problems and has led to him shooting 30 percent the past five games. Moreover, there has been speculation that his legs are worn out. I asked the Mercurial ZenMaster if Kobes lack of explosiveness had limited his elevation and he said definitely yes. For Kobe to be Kobe, he must be able to elevate over defenders at will. He hit two tough fadeaways yesterday, but he and the Lakers need much more than that.

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