Tiger prohibitive favorite but Blame Game a Shame

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:23 pm
By: News 9

Originally Published: Jun 22, 2010 8:26 PM CDT

At first glance the early odds to win the British Open are startling. But upon reflection, maybe they are not that far off. A compilation of websites that post odds sees it like this:</P>&#160;</P>3-1 Tiger&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160; </P>12-1 Westwood</P>15-1 Els and Mickelson</P>17-1 Harrington</P>&#160;</P>ARE THOSE ODDS CRAZY?</P>&#160;</P>I&rsquo;m taking the field. Tiger&rsquo;s off the course problems have affected his mental stability. His swing is in a state of flux. His putting is hit and missmostly miss. </P>&#160;</P>Most everyone was enthralled with his brilliant back nine on Saturday--although it was predictable and a joke when&#160;most of the media claimed &ldquo;he&rsquo;s back.&rdquo;&#160; He was back alright. Did you see him Sunday?&#160; Five bogeys in the first ten holes is all you need to know about the state of his golf game. Unlike the past, he was not a factor when the pressure was on. And when a fifteenth major was there for the taking.</P>&#160;</P>&#160;</P>Tiger lost 15 shots from his record-setting 2000 US Open form when he shot 12-under and won by 15 shots. Don&rsquo;t say the course was harder and those numbers aren&rsquo;t fair. Graeme McDowell&rsquo;s even par finish won, and that was three shots better than Tiger&rsquo;s closest pursuer in 2000. &#160;</P>&#160;</P>&#160;</P>But Tiger loves St. Andrews, is at home across the pond, and should be the favorite. Just not 3-1 when the second favorite is 12-1!&#160; Why?&#160; How? </P>&#160;</P>&#160;</P>Check the field. Lefty is not a winner in The Open. And he and Els stunk it up as much as Tiger on Pressure Sunday. And they beat Westwood. Harrington&rsquo;s game is off, so his 17-1 is legit. </P>&#160;</P>&#160;</P>So until proven otherwise, follow Elin. Stay away from Tiger. &#160;</P>&#160;</P>MOVING ON TO THE BLAME GAME SHAME</P>&#160;</P>The shame of the Lame Blame Game. Shocking. The old Tiger Woods was a standup kinda guy owning up to bad shots and bad decisions. Now he blames the poa greens at Pebble Beach, and worse, Tiger blames his caddie for bad club selection in the final round of the US Open.</P>&#160;</P>Tiger&rsquo;s post-round comments were made when he was hot and disappointed at his finishthe same T4 at Augusta. But that&rsquo;s no excuse. </P>&#160;</P>Stevie Williams has been a fabulous caddie and a loyal friendsomething Tiger needs right now whether he knows it or not. He needs loyal friends more than he needs birdies. </P>&#160;</P>&#160;</P>Tiger appears to be a lost soul with a golf game that leaves him frustrated. How depressing and embarrassing would it have been had he won at Pebble and not had his family there to celebrate on Father&rsquo;s Day. </P>&#160;</P>He wouldn&rsquo;t be able to blame that on the greens or his caddie. Instead he has no one to blame for his predicament but himself.&#160; </P>