The fastest way to split up the Big 12

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:23 pm
By: News 9

Originally Published: Jun 30, 2010 8:3 PM CDT

*As a rookie Big 12 coach questions the stability of the Big 12, the bottom line question is just what would make the Big 12 fall apart faster than anything else?  The answer is this: if the new arrangement keeps OU or Texas from playing in a national championship game because of the perception that the conference is not strong.

 If not having a conference championship game is a factor in losing BCS points and not getting into the title game, then that can be remedied. But missing out on a chance to play for the crystal and prestige of a nationally championship would be a deal-buster. You pump up the balls to win championships. There are too many options out there for teams like OU and Texas.

*I’m a Tommy Tubberville fan. But when you are the new kid on the blockas he is as head coach replacing Mike Leach at Texas Tech-- you shouldn’t be out there popping off about how you don’t think the Big 12 will be together very long. In the first place, Tech is lucky it was going to be able to ride the coat tails of Texas and OU and be invited to the Pac-10.

*Forget Tiger and Elin and the tell-all books. Tiger’s overrated swing “guru” Hank Haney sounds like he’s ready to write one. What’s he thinking being critical of Woods, saying “our relationship didnt get dysfunctional; it always was dysfunctional.”  And that one of his best days was when he and Tiger split. Tiger brought the guy credibility when he needed it. And he made him richer than he deserves.

No pity for Tiger. But take a minute and think how he must (or should) feel? Incredibly disloyal, stupid and selfish. Loses a lovely wife and crushes his dream children. Lives with 24/7 guilt and knows no one respects him.  Just gave up at least $750 mill when his wife walks AND gets the kids. And is more worried about how to beat the young guns like Rickie Fowler than they are about beating him.

*I’m mildly surprised and very disappointed Doc Rivers has decided to return to coach the Celtics. Reportedly, the inability to watch his four children play in sports was one of the major things pulling Rivers toward taking time off from coaching. Don’t say it’s a tough decision whether to coach another year or to spend time with your family, then decide to coach. How bad and embarrassed does that make the kids feel?