The Heat will really be on Lebron in Miami

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:23 pm
By: News 9

Originally Published: Jul 8, 2010 4:16 PM CDT

The Heat is on. Literally.

How apropos. The Heat. That’s where Lebron is apparently going to announce he’s headed at tonight’s ridiculously contrived ESPN TV special.

The Heat will be on more than just Lebron. The Heat will also be shared by the two other Chosen Ones--D-Wade and Chris Bosh. It’ll be the Olympic Dream Team all over again. Remember when Michael and Magic would have been strung up by their toes had they not won Olympic gold?

Want to know who else has the heat on? The coach. How do you have these three and not win an NBA title. The heat will really be on the coach if Pat Riley moves from team Prez to the bench.  By the way, who is the coach?

The current coach is not even being mentioned in all this hubbub. And the guy can coach. Nine of ten basketball fans couldn’t tell you his name. For the record, the head coach of the Miami Heat is Erik Spoelstra. 

*You can bet that Pat Riley will be keeping close tabs on things just itching to get back into the mix. Makes sense.  One of the best five pro basketball coaches of all time might as well join the South Beach party and share the Heat.

*I’m pulling for Byron Scott. Reports are that Chris Paul, one of James best friends, has urged him to stay in Cleveland where former OKC Hornets coach is calling the shots.

*The biggest winner in all of this The Decision fiasco is Kevin Durant. Rightfully, KD is being lauded near and far for his stylishly low-key Twitter announcement that he is re-upping with the Thunder.

*Bet the ranch Lebron says he didn’t make up his mind until today. But don’t believe much of what he or anyone connected to tonight says.

*Dont bet against Cleveland.....DB