Tiger streak over and Sooners need Jones to play up to expectations

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:24 pm
By: News 9

Originally Published: Aug 8, 2010 11:53 PM CDT


Tiger Woods was not the betting favorite when he won his first major at Augusta in 1997 (he won by 12 shots). Since then hes been the favorite in 52 straight majors. By virtue of his awful play, that record streak is over.  Odds hot off the press have  Phil Mickelson the 9-1 favorite with Tiger next at 10-1 (don’t you love it, guys who shoot eight and seven over today, respectively are the favorites!) Tiger Woods is wiltingno pun intendedbefore our very eyes. Tip: Even though he’s not the favorite, don’t take Tiger.


One-OU needs to re-prove itself: ESPN’s Colin Cowherd is a good example of how some people focus only on OUs bowl losses and losing 4 of 5 to Texas and reach the conclusion that the Sooners are the most overrated team in college football history. It’s a big year and a great one for OU to re-prove itselfbeginning with beating Texas.

Two-QB or not QB? It’s clear that Landry Jones has earned the respect of his teammates and everyone within in the program expects big things. But Bob Stoops says highly-touted TR FR Blake Bell has not been ruled out of playing meaningful snaps-even if Jones is healthy. Keeping high-profile QB recruits happy is part of the game with some. But I dont see Bell getting those kind of snaps.  By not moving to Norman and thus missing spring ball, Bell put himself in a position that really makes it unrealistic to play much earlybarring injury to Jones.

Three-Expect a season of ooooz and ahhzzz:  Look for the bone-jarring, bell-ringing hits of young LB Ronnell Lewis and  breathtaking moves we hear about from some of the newcomers like RB Roy Finch and WR Kenny Stills and DB Tony Jefferson. Highlight reels should be busy with players ready to emerge.


1. Alabama 4-1
2. Ohio State 7-1
3. Florida 11-1
4. Boise 12-1
5. Texas 13-1
6. OU 14-1
7. USC 15-1
8. Nebraska 16-1
9. Oregon 17-1
35. OSU 80-1


WHEN ITS ALL SAID AND DONE: You can talk until youre blue in the face about all the "keys” to OUs season. But in the end, it comes down to Landry Jones. How much has he improved? Can he make the game-deciding plays in the Cotton Bowl? In road games?

He looks the part. Confident. Leadership seems legitimate. Ample arm strength. Nice release. Looks to be able to make all the throws.

Now hes gotta do the little things the Heupels, Whites and  Bradfords did: Dont get locked onto receivers. Get to second and third receivers quickly. Most importantly, take care of the ball.

The difference between 8 and 4 and 12 and 0 depends on "The Stache." 


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