Long Night in Normantown

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:26 pm
By: News 9

Originally Published: Sep 5, 2010 1:8 AM CDT

Well, look on the bright fans Sooner fans. It’s not as bad as last year when BYU stunned the national champion aspirant Sooners and knocked out Sam Bradford. But I have a feeling that OU fans don’t feel a whole better than a year ago. Oklahoma avoided the biggest upset in memory (came in a 34-point favorites over a Utah State team that was 113th in defense last season) but left with the question marks being answeredjust not the right way.

Corners? Bad night. A run first QB found a way to throw for 341 yards and two TDs. They were in good position most of the time. But they couldn’t find the ball, mainly because they didn’t make an attempt it.

Offensive line? Poor night. A small Aggie DL was not shoved around by all the 6-6 300 pounders in crimson. As coaches would say, they didn’t play “clean.” First half penalties were reminiscent of 2008.

DT/NG? Poor night. Incredibly, gutty NG  Adrian Taylor played a good part of the gamecoming off the nasty fractured ankle in the Sun Bowl. But even that didn’t help. They didn’t pressure the QB well, did not get off blocks and basically were night and day from last year’s tandem of Gerald McCoy and a healthy Taylor.

WR? Poor. Hard to be poor when you have megastar Ryan Broyles in your group. But they failed to get open much of the night. Perimeter blocking was nothing special.

Kicking? Nasty. Patrick O’Hara got credited for a converted field goal on his only attempt. But they should have made OU give up points for as nasty looking as it was. It was a one-iron duck hook if I’ve ever seen one. And years ago when I carried a one-iron, I saw several.

Overall, there’s serious concern by the fandom. They see a dangerous Florida State next week. An Air Force that will force a defense to switch to covering option football. Then at Cincinnati. They throw it a little better than Utah State. Plus, Jones probably won’t play better on the road than he did tonight.

Then there’s that team in Austin.

A bad night in Norman. I want to know what the upside is. I’m afraid I know the downside.