A look back at OU's 47-17 dismantling of Florida State

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:26 pm
By: News 9

Originally Published: Sep 11, 2010 8:21 PM CDT

How did OU pummel Florida State by 30 points? Three reasons. OU QB Landry Jones outplayed FSU’s Christian Ponder. After FSU’s first series scoring drive, on their next nine drives, the Sooner defense held the Seminoles to seven punts and two interceptionson back to back passes.

The third reason OU won by 30 points is that FSU scored on a long pass against OU reserves on the last play of the game. But what the heck? Win by 37 or win by 30, a win is a win is a win.

And didn’t everyone say coming in say that this is the game we’d find out if Jones could be a winning QB? Isn’t this the game where we said we’d find out the real OU?  Contenders or pretenders?

Well, if this one was a true  barometerand the bet is that before the sun goes down the talk will  be that FSU is no good and we didn’t learn anything about OUthe Sooners do have a chance in a season where outside of Alabama there doesn’t seem to be a truly powerful team.

I was very surprised that when Bob Stoops entered the post game presser that he looked as though he’d just lost to Texas. Seriously. Took awhile, but we found the reason. I asked him how he felt with his offense clicking and racking up first downs, yards and points against a team whose defensive coordinator is his brother Mark. Before the last word was out of my mouth, big brother Stoops said, “Rotten.” He was animated. The Stoops clan is tight. It hurt him deeply to see his brother take a drubbing like that.

Despondent, he continued, “it’s a rotten place to be you know, because I appreciate the way we played, but you just cannot separate blood. I just don’t like it and I knew that going into the game that I didn’t, and I’m positive of it now after the game.” Clear enough?

Mossis Madu contributed more than just giving Demarco Murray a breather. The former Norman Tiger didn’t have earth-shattering numbers11 carries for a net 38 yards and one catch for six. But they weren’t easy yards and there’s just something about how he plays full throttle and gives everything he’s got that inspired mates and fans.

Brent Venables had pressure on QB Ponder from every direction. That was a major factor in the game. 4 sacks for 19 yards, six  or eight hurries, a half dozen knockdowns, and a solid job of containment by Ronnell Lewiswho played the “spy” role, only reinforced the sound job of tackling the sturdy QB who is a quality runner.

OU did what they do to most people at home. They jump on them early. OU ran 26 first quarter plays to 15 for FSU. 176 total yards to 60. 130 passing to 22. Don’t know if you heard it but I swear I heard the fellas with shoulder ‘me pads standing on the east sideline calling “uncle.” 32 straight at home is pretty darn good. 68-2 since the arrival of Stoops is equally impressive.

Hey, OU has a tight end game! When James Hannah caught the first of two TD passes to tight ends, it was the first scoring grab since Jermaine Gresham caught a pair from Sam Bradford 14 games ago in the national title loss to Florida.

Twelve players caught at least one pass. Impressive. Dejuan Miller may have surprised himself when he broke a tackle and almost scored. Plays like that might give the 6-4, 218 pound high school sprint champion the confidence he needs to become a threat. Cam Kenney was impressive going up after the ball. FB Trey Millard is a ball player and Stoops loves him. But he’s loved all the fullbacks he’s coached. Fullbacks and head-rattling linebackers. That’s who the Stoops brothers like.

Did you think that any family with brothers who enjoyed playing tackle football on the concrete streets of Youngstown would prefer a QB or slot back to a “real football player?”