Sooners overrated or underrated and thoughts on Pokes

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:27 pm
By: News 9

Originally Published: Oct 9, 2010 11:12 AM CDT


Kirk Herbstreit is a good as it gets. Before the season started he picked OU to play for the national title. Early indications are that that might be a tad optimistic.

However, the Sooners have played five games. They’ve won five games. They’ve beaten two major programs enjoying fourth quarter leads of at least 18-points (FSU and UT). They have defeated four teams that have been in the Top 25, four bowl teams, and four teams that have a chance to finish atop or near the top of their final conference standings.

Words like “lucky” and “overrated” continue to be tied to OUespecially nationally. Again, this might be right. But five wins against the schedule is a very good start. Especially considering everyone talked about how hard the non-conference schedule and then Texas made for a very difficult start.

They’ll get to 6-0 when they run the home streak to 34 next weekend against an improved Iowa State. Then the Sooners will have a chance to disprove the majority of prognosticators and to prove Herbsteit right. Or they’ll prove that there was good reason for the “lucky” contingent to voice their skepticism.
The best way to shed the negative stigma is to win and to play better in second halves and quit letting inferior teams hang with them.

-Baylor will be a tougher game for the Sooners in Waco than most think.

-What a mountain of comparisons for Landry Jones to battle. Bob Stoops set the QB pretty darn high from the beginning of his reign beginning in 1999. Two season of Josh Heupelturning around a downtrodden giant, second in the Heisman and a national title; Jason White with nothing but conference titles and two consecutive national title gamesand that Heisman thing. Then a guy named Bradford. Champs like challenges. But Jones could lead this team to the Big 12 title and still be disappointing by comparison to Sooner fans. Sometimes life’s not fair.

-When’s last time USC and Texas have been double-digit underdogs for their upcoming games (USC a 10-point dog at Stanford and Texas could be that next week at Nebraska)? This is the first time in a dozen years that USC has been a double-digit doggoing back to the ill-fated days of Paul Hacket. Gameday: USC has only one verbal commitment since NCAA sanctions. They are not athletic upfront on defense. And I’m guessing they’re coached by a guy who’ll be fired by Pat Haden by no later than three seasons.

-Gameday says every FBS game is on TV today.

-OSU with a good win last night in Lafayette, LA. My take: Defense is too inconsistent. Brandon Weeden is very good 95 percent of the time. Gotta cut out the poor decisions and poor balls that will be picked off vs. good teams. ULL was awfulawful playing down there was not easy. Love kicker Dan Bailey. Beautiful kicks that don’t waiver from the middle of the fairway. Look like Tiger’s tee-balls back in 2000.  How does OSU always seem to have tremendous kickers?


-More OSU:  Love WR Justin Blackmon. Is he never not open? Hunter will be a bigger factor as games get tougher. OL not anything special so far. Lame schedule still doesn’t tell us much about just how good this team is. A/M was a great test in that the Pokes had to finish a losable game. We’ll have to see how good the Aggies really are. They may not have been a great barometer for the Cowboys.
-Have you seen the latest ESPN the Magazine? There’s more bare skin than a nude beach. Used be adults would hide Playboys. Now I’ve gotta hide my sports’ magazines from my ten year-old.

See you on the Blitz..DB