Monday Morning QB meeting upbeat after dismantling of ISU

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:28 pm
By: News 9

Originally Published: Oct 18, 2010 1:54 PM CDT

Here here! Optimism in the air. Sooners 52 and Clones nada. Up to No. 3;  so could it be?  This meeting of the October 18 Monday Morning QB Club is oh-ficially  in session. .

First, I want to thank Reverend Right for the terrific prayer. Especially when you gave thanks for Landry, DeMarco and Ryan. Next time toss in Roy (Finch). Little sucker’s a mixture of Q Griffin, Hello Goodbye Pruitt and Little Joe. Great pick-up on giving thanks for the BCSwe cuss ‘em then hug ‘em. Who needs a playoff? Roy Kramer was a genius. So are the computers. And Rev, brilliant to ask for guidance in game-planning to stop Gabbert and the Tigers. I’m afraid we’re gonna have to get it on to win up there. But 10 and 0 is on the horizon if our boys show ‘em Saturday night in the Show Me state.

But yo Rev! You forgot to ask for quick-healing. Gonna need big Frank Alexander this weekend. That re-tweaked ankle on the big DE will probably make him 90 percentnot good. And big ol’ Ronnell. Thought he’d ripped up a knee and was toast. But Stoopsie tells me he thinks Eight Man Lewis is gonna be okay. Of course, Bobby says that about everyone. Never heard him say “he’s out.”

Without further ado, let’s get with it.  No monkey business this morning. Not feeling too spiffy. Sipped substantial suds after hearing the Sooners are No. 1 in the first BCS standings. Brain poundage sending me to the fridge for a sack of frozen peas. Tums, soda water and Zestee crackers waitin’ on me. Now, I  turn the morning mixer over to a marvelous man to many, Mister Manny the moderator.

Manny the Moderator: Morning fellow mixers. Ain’t life great. Don’t get no better ‘un this unless you load up the crystal and head for the Switzer Center. Sure hope you folks caught the award-winning Blitz last night. John snapped Dean’s three-game win streak in Playing the Percentages. Dean told Ol’ Johnnie he’d won because there was a huge OSU contingent watching after his Pokes won at Tech. Said he sweeps their votes and all Tulsans. John knows full well if his devotees voted with the minds and not their hearts, Toby would hand the trophy to Ol’ Dean every week. Claims a lot of OU fans vote for Johnny Boy because they say he’s too rough on the Soons. Probably right. But Seve Blevy doesn’t lose sleep over that stuff anymore. Says there are more important things to do--like watching re-runs of The Office, watering the dog and feeding the yard. Or vice versa.

More Manny: Sometimes, Dean’s full of crappiefrankly, quite often he’s full of crappiebut I agree with him on this one. He opened the show with what they call John or Dean’s Take with something I’d never heard. Of course, gotta check the facts cause sometimes those are a little off. But he said, “Theres been speculation about how long Bob Stoops will coach at Oklahoma. Stoops recently turned 50 and his family has a history of heart problems...coaching at Oklahoma can be stressful. But he’s all revved upand I dont see him going anywhere else...and dont see him hanging it up anytime soon...absolutely loves all his young talent. That can keep a guy young. He wouldnt stick around to just become the winningest coach in OU history. But doing the math, with all these great young players, Stoops could pass the two coaches ahead of him. Guys named Bud and Barry. And he could do it before the 2013 season is overin three years. Time flies. 
Time flies.

Manny: Let’s open it up for comments or questions. And first-time callers get two free Barking Fish sandwiches at an Interurban nearest you. Boz, you’re up.

Bozthe original R Bosley from Duncan:  Oklahoma and Texas showed a couple of reasons they’ve dominated the league. Each is good after they play each other. And each always comes out of a bye week a much better football team. That’s coaching. And that’s players who want to get better. Saturday, the Sooners were crisp from the git-go,  efficient and played a much cleaner game--only 3 penalties for 31 yards a good example. But don’t know if they can win out. Doc Will, what do you think?

Doc: OU has road hurdles, most notably  at Columbia this Saturday, in College Stationwhich looks less perilous with the Aggies’ play of late, and of course in Stillwater. If the Cowboys were to win out until then it would become the biggest game in Cowboy history. If the Sooners and Cowboys have one loss apiece, it could set up as a division-decider (although it looks like UT might have something to say about that meaning if they beat OSU in Austin, the Cowboys might be up a creek).

Weinster: It would not stun me if either or both lost two or three before Bedlam. But the way OU is playing right now I wouldn’t bet against them. They seem to have a chemistry that the really good teams have. The 2000 team was not the most talented team in the country, but they played together and were incredibly coached-up. They protected the ball and played great defense. Bob and Mike Stoops led a coaching staff that coached harder and perhaps better than any I’ve ever seen. This team won’t duplicate that kinda defense. So that’s gonna be the biggest challenge. Tadlock?

Tadlock: We’re not saying to expect a BCS title. But I believe if they keep improving, if Jones keeps up with his accuracy, if they avoid injuries to the prime-time players and get a break here or there, they have a chance of running the table through the Big 12 title game. And Brad Edwardstotal genius on stuff like thissays if we win out, we’ll play for crystal. I see Dean gave us a 20 percent chance of making it to the championship game. That’s about what the odds makers are saying and it’s That’s about 19 percent more than I would have given them at the beginning of the season. Rosser?

Rosser: Thanks Boz. You lost some weight? Looking good. See your Hogs’ defense against Auburn? I didn’t. And I watched the whole game. Spurrier told a friend of mine the SEC is over-hyped and no different from the other leagues. Of course that was before the Bluegrass Boys blindsided his Cocks Saturday. Anyway, intangibles are very important when it comes to deciding who wins and loses. Deano said last night that it’s one of the ten categories he and Cowboy John evaluate in breaking down upcoming games for their  Crystal Ballwhich can be found as early as Sunday nights on Oklahoma Sports. Seve said, “In OU’s game this weekend, I give Missouri the slight edge in intangibles. Even though no Stoops team has lost to Mizzou, and even though the  Sooners have put themselves in position to make a run at championships, the home field advantage will play a bigger factor in the game.  With ESPN Gameday being in Columbia, Mizzou coming in unbeaten and relishing a chance of finally getting some revenge against the Sooners, the ‘Zoo’ will be hopping. OU is playing better on the road, but this will be the biggest challenge to date.” I disagree. I’d rather have beaten a team all the time than be at home. There’s a reason OU is favored. They have the better team. In fact, OU will be favored in every game again this season. Happens most yearsdepending on the Texas game.

Manny: Nice work guys. Gotta stop it at that. Clean your table, tip your waitress and don’t let the door hit you in the hiny. Till next time, too-du-loo.