Odds and ends on OU-CY game day morn(2)

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:28 pm
By: News 9

Originally Published: Oct 30, 2010 11:53 AM CDT

<B>&#160;</B></P><B>It&rsquo;s&#160; a nippy and windy game day morning in God&rsquo;s Country. We&rsquo;ll touch on OU&rsquo;s game with Colorado, but falling from the ranks of the undefeated and the perch of No. 1 and the fact that it&rsquo;s only the slumping&#160; Pac-Dozen-bound CU boys who&rsquo;ll scrimmage the Sooners allows us the freedom to blog-drift into territory away from Bennie Owen Field.&#160; But first, a couple of thoughts on today&rsquo;s game.</B></P><B>&#160;</B></P><B>-I&rsquo;m looking for the coming out party for RB Roy Finch.&#160; Sounds as if Kevin Wilson has found a way to have his three most dynamic players on the field of the same time.&#160; Only problem&#160;&#160; is it&rsquo;s hard to imagine formations that would allow Ryan Broyles to be in the slot, we&rsquo;re used most dangerous.&#160; I expect to see French in the backfield and DeMarco Murray in the slot.&#160; But it will be more difficult to get Broyles ample touches split out wide. This personnel grouping would help solve the problem created&#160; with the season-ending injury suffered by Dejuan Miller.</B></P><B>&#160;</B></P><B>-The gusty winds this morning remind me of the good ol&rsquo; days. I hated throwing the football but in high winds.&#160; The first thing I&rsquo;d do on Saturday mornings was to check the windunfortunately there was more concern for Switzer&rsquo;s team about how the wind would effect pitchouts than how it would effect the promised forward passes. I&rsquo;ve always felt the most overlooked part of a game is the impact high windskicking, throwing and the mental part. I bet statistics support my notion that teams playing with significant winds at their back score at a four-to-one ration over teams going into the wind. Having said that, most of today&rsquo;s QB say they don&rsquo;t let it negatively impact their psyche. Sam Bradford has told me gusty winds are not big deal to him.&#160; And when&rsquo;s the last time King Sam told a lie?</B></P><B>&#160;</B></P><B>-I get a kick out of listening to NFL draft guru Mel Kiper talk about the upcoming NFL draft.&#160; Remember last year are when he was obsessed with Jake Locker?&#160; He said that he would be drafted higher than King Sam if he had elected to come out early.&#160; Everyone around here knew that was a crock.&#160; That was as bogus as Les Miles Clock Management Seminar.&#160;&#160; I heard King Mel the other day on TV saying that Locker had dropped to late first round in THIS year&rsquo;s draft. I like Mel, but he was buying an agent&rsquo;s line or some confused &ldquo;NFL source.&rdquo; Locker over King Sam is like Boo Blake over Stoops. Or Kiffin over Carroll. Or Iowa State over Texasoops!</B></P><B>&#160;</B></P><B>-I&rsquo;m looking for a fedora to wear two tonight&rsquo;s game.&#160; I love OU&rdquo;s Halloween promotion dressing up like your favorite former Sooner coach and I&rsquo;m wanting to go as Bud. If you know where I can find a fedora like bud used aware, drop me an e-mail.&#160; I&rsquo;ll pay you back, put you on TV, or set you up for a date with Al E.</B></P><B>&#160;</B></P><B>-OU usually pounds inferior teams in Norman so I expect the Sooners to roll the Buffs.</B></P><B>&#160;</B></P><B>-I agree with Herbiebeen saying it for awhile now.&#160; Best chance for the national title game is Alabama and Boise.</B></P><B>&#160;</B></P><B>-My early Bedlam over/under line is 250.&#160;&#160; I&rsquo;m thinking of a final score of the 130-120. OSU&rsquo;s not stopping the pass and OU&rsquo;s not stopping the run.&#160; Those aren&rsquo;t good signs. Not hard to envision Kendall Hunter running wild. Not hard to see Landry Jones and Ryan Broyles throwing and catching and running wild. </B></P><B>&#160;</B></P><B>-Stop the presses. Who could&rsquo;ve dreamed that in this millennium we&rsquo;d see this USC a home underdog and Baylor only a 6 point underdog at Texas?&#160; Only thing that will match that is if the heavyweights lose today and Boise and TCU are ranked No. 1 and No. 2not that far-fetched.&#160; Six unbeatens are on the road today.&#160; </B></P><B>&#160;</B></P><B>-Did you see where Lane Kiffin has the Trojan Nation really fired up today at the Coliseum?&#160; I counted 24 fans in attendance to watch ESPN&rsquo;s Game Day live this morning.&#160; Last week Missouri broke Nebraska&rsquo;s GameDay record with over 15,000 on hand.</B></P><B>&#160;</B></P><B>-Bigger, stronger, faster. The evolutionary process just keeps on trucking. I read where Brett Favre has been checking into the possibility of getting fitted for a size-15 left shoe (he normally wears a 14), according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. That would allow for a splint or another type of protective device to be placed in the shoe. You&rsquo;re kidding me. The Old Gunslinger laces up14s on a daily basis?&#160; You can slalom with less footage. He&rsquo;s not but 6-2.&#160; How does TOG (The Old Gunslinger) get to have bigger feet, hands and presumably other measurable than the rest of us Saturday Sojourners?&#160; Is it just me, or is there a lot of 13 year-olds wearing size 13s these days?</B></P><B>&#160;</B></P><B>&#160;</B></P><B>-How does Kevin Durant get 30 when he has subpar offensive gamesgames 1 and 2?&#160; Nice start to the season for Jeff Green of the Thunder.&#160; Kind of funny that on the day the story breaks that he and the team could not reach an agreement leaving him an unrestricted free agent after this season, he scores the game winning basket last night in the win at Detroit.</B></P><B>&#160;</B></P><B>Don&rsquo;t forget my fedora propositionnot the Larry, But the Bud fedora.&#160; Enjoy.</B></P><BR/>