Bedlam breaks out at Monday Monday QB mixer

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:30 pm
By: News 9

Originally Published: Nov 29, 2010 2:25 PM CDT

Manny the Moderator: Good morning everyone. I see you OU and OSU fans, our friends from Lincoln and Austin. I sense tensions are high after true Bedlam left OU on top again, 47-41. Let’s open it up. Pete?

Pete: There you go already. Again? Why add salt to the wound. Everyone knows OU’s got the upper hand. You’re like the local media. OU homers. I take offense to that comment.

Bundy: Offense? You Cowboys need to worry about defense, not offense. He Bundy Boy. What a name by the way.  Old Venables might have out-schemed us, but Nebraska’s a whole different story. Cut the crap Bundino, or I’ll find Mitch Williams and sic him on your arse. 

Rodney: Hey guys. Can’t we just all get along.?

Bobby Allen: Sure, but I insist Zero U fans accept the fact that we should have won. First, Blackmon’s hurt. Second, we dropped  that easy interception with three minutes to go and we were only down two and the crowd was really into it.

TicketMasterdotcom: Speaking of tickets, I heard an ABC executive he was embarrassed they picked Bedlam over USC and Notre Dame. Said the TV shots of 10,000 empty seats was criminal. Said there was no excuse for it. 

FoldemorHoldem: Zip it. Our policy is working. Selling more season tickets, making money and less OU fans.

KleveMeister: That’s a joke, Holdem. Or should I say fold’em? Forget ABC, it’s not fair to the players to not have a full house that could impact a game. It was so quiet in StoolWater the other night I said a silent prayer and the whole section said “Amen.” Enough. Granted, I don’t know if we’ve ever sold out other than games when OU and Nebraska could buy all the tickets they wanted. But at least our fans went to OSU. Not like your trailer trash, smack talking, uneducated moronic OU fans whose motto is: “ I’m gonna graduate on time, no matter how long it takes.”

Manny: Bar’s open. Might as well start the week off right. Bedlam Hate O.T. We’ve had some nasty MMQB meetings post Bedlam, but not like this. Guess it’s because this was yet another “biggest game in the history of the program games.” There you go gouging again Manny. The ‘Ol GundySlinger just calls it like it is. It was huge. Just like last year. BCS bound. Stay off the ‘Ol GundySlinger

Marty: Come on Old Lady of Salad. I’m sick of reading the non-stop headlines: “Biggest Game,” “Pokes ready to replace OU,” and some dolt had the best one of all, “Gundy and Stoops Legacies on the line.” Road Game Bob has never lost to the GundyMeister. In eight Big Twelve Finals, four BCS finals, one national. And there’s a comparison to legacies? Dolt thinking.

T Boone: Guys, this is T. Boone Pickens. Mister T. Boone Pickens you doggity-arse-Zero U Shetland Pony ridin’ and Anti-American singin’ “home of the Sooners” nut bag fruitcakes. The Slinger’ll git ‘er done. Betcha 100 million. Already have I guess.  Here’s where we are: ive got a plan. Were on schedule. Ill take care of the big decisions and the big money. Any questions? Didnt think so.

Hookie: Smart money’s on Boone. Anyone who can put a T in front of his Boone or take the T away anytime he chooses is my kinda guy. Early line on long term success in Stillwater is very good. The only snag is this was the big year, and when you step back, they lost to the two good teams they played. At home. And Texas was 5-7 and lost five at home. They needed Bedlam to make it special. Bruiser, you know I respect you. But The Ol’ Slinger told me this next recruiting class is his best ever. And we had seven freshman on the field on defense at Texas one time. This class was special. So the talent base is getting up there. OU wins in the long haul because their depth of talent is deeper than anyone outside of the Alabama’s. Pains me to say it, but it’s true. Wait till next year. Accepted Scotty. Come on back for Happy Hours. Plural. In business sun-up to sun-up. Bring ‘er on back to the 19th tee. Bedlam’s history.  Let’s talk Tiger stories.

Blund: Back to football.  Here’s what my inside sources say. These guys have lots of money and lots of funny. I’ll quote, “We kept the pedal to the metal and that is how you win tight games.  If not for the Reverends interceptions in the first half the offense would get an A+++. I dont have a problem Wilson. He had a bad game at  A&M and he received just criticism for that. But the hero was Bad Boy Brent. You know where that “50” defense was originated? Bud Wilkinson. True story.

Big Al: I’m not picking OSU again until Gundy proves he can beat Stoops. Add one more to the list of losses from the three best coaches in OSU history. No wins and 22 losses.  Jim, where you at?

Trabes: Al I’m getting a root canal. Wanted something to ease the pain from Saturday night. Rather have the gout a month straight than lose like that. Don’t you agree?

Al: Absolutely. Agree with what? Where you at Jim? Taking calls EEmeedEutly after this is over. Where’s Steelman?

Steelman: Game went just as Uncle and I expected. Heroes were guys named Stevens, Hanna and Kenney. Uncle was a little of on the score. He had OU 73-2.  Hey, there’s the OSU defensive end who was all fired up before the game. What’s he saying?

Richetti:  OU was lucky. They were lucky. They were lucky. They were lucky. They were lucky. Luckiest team in college football.

Midge: Hey guys, this ain’t going nowhere. I make a recommendation we adjourn before somebody gets hurt. We’ll resume tomorrow morning. Blitz Boy can take notes and report to the masses. What do you say Hump?

Hump and Mackie: “Let’s Go!”
Manny: I know Lumber Lady, Bond from Dallas, Coach Richardson, Mayor Mick and some others have things to say. It’ll have to wait till tomorrow. Not wait till next year, but wait till tomorrow.

Durwood: Need some ice. Manny, I’ll hold fort till the mornin’ for ya. Just get us some ice, lemons, limes, tobacco sauce and Lumber Lady and we’ll be just fine.