Oregon wins, Les stays and Bundini Brown sighting

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:31 pm
By: News 9

Originally Published: Jan 10, 2011 6:6 PM CDT

In the memorable words of the late and great Blackie Sherrod: Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to Bundini Brown (See bottom for answer).

The BCS Championship game is finally here. Finally.  Not many people love college football more than moi’. But all the the lead-up to this game is about as absurd as the 40 days between the final game and championship game. 


Looking at the game: Auburn’s offensive line may be too much for Pac-10 champs to handle. But I believe Oregon’s edge in tempo will the key factor in fueling a Duck win. Both teams do what great teams do in the 21st century: play fast and play with an edge. I just think Oregon’s temp will have Auburn wondering what hit them at some point. 

My prediction is based on Oregon accomplishing its biggest key in the game. I’ll bet your bottom dollar the team with the most first half first downs wins. Oregon can’t run its tempo offense without making first downs. Fast three-and-outs are as bad as fast first downs are good. 

Oregon defense has allowed only three touchdowns all season in the fourth quarter. I’ll take the minor upset and the Ducks, 38-35.



On another note: Dont know how Auburn feels about getting out of the shadow of Alabama and Florida only to see Nick Saban and Urban Meyer on the ESPN breaking down the game and the superiority of the SEC. Take that back. I think i do know how they feel. But theyll worry about that later.



Lets get some Lester in here: I’m saying Les Miles turns down the Michigan job and stays at LSU unless the heat in the Cajun kitchen is too hot or his loyalty to his alma mater is overwhelming. Among the reasons I believe he will choose to stay:

1.     LSU is a better program than Michigan.

2.     LSU has better players than Michigan.

3.     LSU has a better recruiting base than Michigan

4.     It would take some time for him to install the power football game he’d prefer at UM with the personnel left by Rich Rod.

5.     My Louisiana sources tell me Miles will come out of the negotiations with some things for his LSU program that he’s wanted for quite some time. 

6.     Money. Michigan may go deep in its pockets. LSU will go deeper.

7.     Most importantly, Lester knows the importance of me defeating John Green Country Holcomb in our Play the Percentages. He knows that John gave it a 60 percent chance that he’d leave. His favorite Oklahoma sports guyahemgave it only a 25 percent chance. Case closed. 


Bundini is no longer with us. He lived quite the life. Wikipedia says Brown joined Alis entourage in 1963, when the boxer was known as Cassius Clay, and remained with him until his final fight in 1981. Brown was also one of Alis speech writers. He wrote certain poems, such as coining Alis famous and oft quoted:"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Your hands cant hit what your eyes cant see."

I sure miss seeing Big Bundini and Electric Shock Don King smiling ear to ear hanging on to Ali before and after big prize fights.