Blessings on the OSU families, Blake special and Thunder analysis

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:32 pm
By: News 9

Originally Published: Jan 26, 2011 4:39 PM CDT

-We’re seeing so many wonderful stories about the families left behind from losing their loved ones in the fatal OSU plane crash. It’s only natural that these families are special as their successful loved ones would have been inspired and led down the right path by them. I know that the parents of the lovely Nate Fleming are about as special as they come. Their perseverance through faith constantly inspires me. I don’t say this because we’re hitting the ten year anniversary. I say it because it’s with me 24/7/365. 

-If Vegas would allow me to post odds on Blake and a Twist Off I’d post it as even money. Griffin is consistently getting cheap shots. It’s hard to peg because he has a spotless record of not retaliating back in his days at OU and now in The Association. His physical prowess along with having become dominant halfway into his rookie year and playing hard tip to buzzer (oh yea, and those nightly ESPN throw downs) has gotten under the skin of many. While I’d love to see Griff hammer a hounder and toss him over the glass, showing restraint just adds to an early legacy of something special.

“Blake Griffin is a special treasure,” is how NBA veteran reporter Bob Ryan describes Griffin. Ryan, full of more knowledge and pragmatism virtually anyone in our business, believes the hard foul (either that, or just another amateur hack job intended to intimidate) had nasty things to say about Mav big man Brendan Heywood.

-I tend to play devil’s advocate with teams I root for. And I really like our OKC Thumpers. I’m concerned about a possible Thunder swoon in near future. Part of it is the three-game road losing streak and the Heat in town for high-noon Sabbath showdown.

-I have a good friend who is wise when it comes to breaking down the Thunder. Let’s call him Keith J, sense that’s his name. I asked him Sunday night to give me his take on the team and he quickly responded with the following (stats through Sunday).

Keith J:  So, at the end of last season (May) I told you they would have to address:

1. Have a better winning percentage against Western Conference teams.
a. Last year:     54%
b. This year:     58% which projects to a 2 game improvement over last year.

2. Do better against teams with winning records
a. Last year: 21-26 winning 44% of the time.
b. This year: 12-10 winning 54% of the time.

3. Close out winnable games
a. Last year:     1-4 in overtime games; 7-11 in games decided by 3 points or less
b. This year:     3-0 in overtime games; 7-2 in games decided by 3 points or less

4. Find a replacement for Ron Adams
a. Last year:     Opponent FG%=45%;       Opponent 3PtFG%=34%
b. This year:     Opponent FG%=47%        Opponent 3PtFG%=37%

Improvement in the 1st 3 will likely lead to a 53-29 record which could be 4th or 5th in the Western Conference.
The deterioration in defense likely means that they might win a 1st round series, which is improvement, but may not be able to advance further.

5. Find a replacement for Ron Adams
a. Last year:     Opponent FG%=45%;       Opponent 3PtFG%=34%
b. This year:     Opponent FG%=47%        Opponent 3PtFG%=37%

-Sure would’ve been good for tennis had Rafa not gotten hurt and advanced and met Roger Fedeher in the finals. 1st loss in a Grand Slam in 26 matches. But why in the world would he not discuss what the injury was?

-Again, my thoughts and prayers to everyone dealing with the loss of loved ones in the OSU plane crash.  May God bless you.