Nolan Richardson Expects Mike Anderson to Arkansas

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:35 pm
By: News 9

Originally Published: Mar 23, 2011 3:22 PM CDT

The Mike Anderson coaching saga is coming to an end.

I spoke with Nolan Richardson at 12:30p. Richardson and Anderson, his close friend, have discussed the options Anderson has of staying at Missouri, with a hefty half mil raise and extension, or taking the vacant Arkansas job where Anderson was one of Nolan's assistants.

I tweeted Tuesday that Ark is offering more than the $2 million Mizzou is reportedly offering that UA would pay Anderson $2.2 million per year and possibly go as high as $2.6a year including incentives.

The primary message from the source of that info was that Ark was not going to lose out to a $2M offer from Missouri.

Richardson told me "I feel pretty sure that something will happen today."

Earlier today, Nolan told ESPN that Anderson had told him he was "50-50" with his decision between the two schools.

After we talked a few minutes it was clear to me that Nolan expects Anderson to make the move to Arkansas. We talked about how things can change but that Mike thought the Arkansas was very appealing.

Nolan told me Anderson will fly from Tulsa where the two are currently for a close friend's funeral service--and would be returning to Columbia.

"Mike needs to see his two nephews who play on his team," said Richardson.

Actually Mike has a nephew who plays (TJ Cleveland) and one Mike Jr. on his staff. Richardson laughed, indicating that planes can fly out of Columbia and into Fayetteville just as easily as they do from Tulsa to Columbia.

Last Friday I tweeted that Anderson was interested in Arkansas. Further, I said that "a source has convinced me Mike will take the Arkansas job."

Five days later, my feelings have not changed.

My feeling proved that Anderson to Arkansas was a possibility. As for the being "convinced" Anderson will take the Razorback offer, I still feel that way.

But crazier things have happened in this coaching carrousel circus. If Missouri convinced Anderson to remain in Columbia, it would not be a first.

Playing the percentages: Nolan claimed earlier today Anderson was 50-50 on the deal-- My opinion is that Nolan is 90-10 that his friend will soon be a neighbor in Arkansas. I'll stick with what I thought a few days ago75-25 Arkansas.

I'll keep you updated when more information comes available.

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