Castiglione Knows This Guy has Upside but Would be Unconventional Hire

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:35 pm
By: News 9

Originally Published: Mar 25, 2011 11:21 AM CDT

There is one name to keep in mind for the OU mens basketball head coaching job.

I don't think there is hardly any chance Joe Castiglione would open himself up to potential criticism he would receive if it didn't work out simply because this candidate has not been a college coach.

But being the head coach for four seasons and for two franchises says a lot. They don't just hand those jobs out down at Pigly Wiggly.

Castiglione is aware of the interest from this guy. He says an email he saw raised several "good points."

The good points the A.D. noted included: NCAA would never snoop around; recruits love anything NBA; impressive presencewould recruit hard and effectively; agreeable personality who'd happily do all the non-coaching things you need of coaches; appealing style of play to kids and fans; would not look to be jumping to another job; was a great player (All-Big 8 and led OU to a Big 8 title and a three-time all-academic selection) who fans would rally around and ultimately see as one of their own; would win; would thus put rumps in seats; unconventional? Yes. Would it work? Think so.

My good friend Chip Land brought pro basketball to OKC. Says he made a mistake in not offering him a chance to coach his OKC Cavalry. Chip said he had gotten friendly with Terry, "since he was George Karl's right hand man (@Albany), and he presented himself very well and of course has lots of Oklahoma and OU connections," said Land. "In 20/20 retrospect, I should've hired him. Terry was a great coach in the making, an innately great guy and considered Oklahoma as coming home."

I'm all for paying whatever it'd take to hire the best guy out there. If that's Buzz Williams and he requires $2.2 mill per, sign him. If he's Tubby Smith and you get him for a reasonable fare, sign him.

But if Castiglione has trouble finding the right guy--and not just a guy, but the guy who he is convinced can quickly get his program back to Top 20 statusthis guy is worth consideration.

You don't think it was a risk bringing in Bob Stoops as football coach? Yes, Stoops had been around the college game and worked under great coaches. But he'd not been a head coach. Everyone I know says this guy can coach.

I knew him years ago and speak with him when our paths cross. He's impressive. Everyone I know that knows him well says he's a stand-up guy.

The "guy" is Terry Stottsassistant coach for the Dallas Mavericks.

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