Ersland's Guilty Verdict Sparks Posts On Social Media Sites

Sunday, May 29th 2011, 10:45 pm
By: News 9

Jon Jordan, News9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- The guilty verdict against pharmacist Jerome Ersland shocked many Oklahomans. And ever since it was read, online petitions and support for pharmacist is growing.

It's clear by reading people's posts that many Oklahomans felt like a lot of prominent defense attorney's have been saying since the beginning, which is "there was no jury in the state that would ever convict Jerome Ersland of murder." But now that he has been convicted, people are voicing their frustation, hoping if they can yell loud enough, they just might get the attention of the governor.

In the three days since Jerome Ersland walked out of court a guilty man, Facebook pages supporting Ersland have been growing. One even has more than two thousand followers.

One person posted: "praying the governor corrects this unjust sentencing."

Another post read: "Jerome should be set free. He is not a threat to society."

The Facebook pages have even sparked petitions, one which has already grown to 4,000 signatures.

Now, it's not just support for Ersland that has formed on social sites like Twitter and Facebook, but there have been a very small few who've agreed with the guilty verdict.

One person posted: "Do not free Jerome Ersland posted. (Ersland) is a murderer do not set him free."

As far as the possibilty of the Governor commuting Ersland's sentence, her press secretary would only say in this statement:

"Governor Fallin's policy is not to comment on individual requests for commutation until both the board and her office have completed their own reviews."