Police Report States Newcastle Dogs 'Killed With Shotgun'

Monday, June 20th 2011, 1:50 pm
By: News 9

Jennifer Pierce, News 9

NEWCASTLE, Oklahoma -- Newcastle police release more information about why two dogs were shot to death by authorities earlier this month.

In the police report, Newcastle Animal Control Officer Tim Claypool says a resident called about two vicious dogs running loose. The resident says the dogs were aggressive towards his dog and he tried to keep them at a distance with pepper spray. Officer Claypool described the dogs as pit-mixes.

When Claypool arrived at the scene, he tried to secure the dogs in their kennel. The report states the dogs charged at him. The officer lost his footing and says the dogs surrounded him. He says he kept them at bay with pepper spray and a catch pole. He called dispatch and requested a police officer be sent to his location.

When Newcastle police officer Chris Holden arrived, the animal control officer attempted to tranquilize one of the dogs, but says after 15 minutes the drug did not take effect. Officer Claypool says the dogs became more aggressive.

He states in the report, he had to make a decision for the safety of the citizens because the dogs were near a busy barber shop and farmer's market. Officer Claypool says Newcastle Police Chief Gary Norman gave him authorization to put the dogs down.

The animal control officer used Officer Holden's 12 gauge shotgun to shoot both dogs. He then retrieved the bodies of the dogs for disposal. He says he left a notice on the house where the dogs were being kenneled to call him when they got home.

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