Quick Thinking By Oklahoma Teen During Home Invasion

Monday, June 27th 2011, 11:47 pm
By: News 9

Havonnah Johnson, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- A 15-year old girl hid in her bedroom closet while thieves invaded her home. It happened Monday morning in the 600 block of Southwest 69th.

The teen's mother did not want News 9 to identify the family, but is thanking the Oklahoma City Police Department for responding so quickly. The family has lived in their southwest Oklahoma City home for eight years and has never experienced crime until now. The mother tells News 9 the home invasion doesn't make her scared, but angry.

"They are lucky I wasn't home, or they'd be full of lead," said the unidentified mother.

When 15-year-old heard banging on the door, she initially thought it was a salesman until the banging got louder. She says when the suspects, Julio Alvarez and Anthony Perez, began kicking in the door she called her mom. Her mother told her to hang up, call 911 and find a hiding place. She followed her mom's directions and hid her bedroom closet. Meanwhile, she could hear the men ransacking the house, pocketing jewelry and breaking glass. Then the thieves came into her bedroom.

"When they were in my room, I thought 'Oh God all they have to do is turn around and see me in my closet and that's it,'" she said. She stayed on the phone in silence with the 911 dispatcher until the men left the room. The savvy mother and daughter tell us the burglars ran out of the house and hopped the fence just as the cops showed up. 

The first officer to arrive at the scene, Sergeant Kristin Ceder, shot at the suspects but missed.  The suspects were caught just a few minutes later.

It's a happy ending but the teen knows it could've gone differently.

"I feel very blessed because I woke up this morning coughing really bad and from the time they beat on my door, I didn't cough once. I know if I did they would've found me and I know that just had to be God. That is the only way I made it that long without coughing," the teen said.

Her mother said she plans on taking her 15-year-old daughter to the gun range to learn how to defend their home. Police arrested both suspects on complaints of burglary and pointing a firearm. The officer is on routine administrative leave.