Edmond Man Accused Of Trying To Hire Hitman To Kill Wife's Boyfriend

Friday, July 15th 2011, 12:37 pm
By: News 9


EDMOND, Oklahoma – Edmond police have arrested a man on one count of solicitation of murder in the first degree. They say he tried to hire someone to kill his wife's boyfriend.

Police say James Blair told a friend he wanted the man having an affair with his wife "out of our lives." According to an affidavit, Blair the friend he wanted to blow up the intended victim's vehicle, and he had the necessary components to make a bomb hidden in a storage facility.

Police say Blair then told the friend he wanted the intended victim dead and he would pay $5,000 to have him killed. The friend told Blair he didn't want to kill anyone, but said Blair continued to talk about killing the victim.

The friend became concerned and contacted police. Investigators then contacted the intended victim who said he was not surprised about the threat, and had suspected for a while that Blair might convince someone to harm him.

On June 8, police directed the friend who reported Blair's plans to call him and set up a meeting. According to police documents, the two met at a school and police recorded their conversation. Blair once again said he would pay $5,000 to have the intended victim killed. He told the friend he would put the money in two envelopes, each with $2,500 inside. One envelope would be given to the friend before the murder, and the second would be given after.

When the friend asked if he could have another person actually kill the intended victim, police say Blair said, "You can pay him. I don't care. I want this guy out of our lives. You make money. He makes money. I get my problem resolved."

Police say Blair insisted his wife not be hurt, but he did want to teach her a lesson. Police say Blair believed his wife's affair was destroying their family. When the friend told him he should get a divorce, Blair said he didn't want to, he just wanted the other man "dealt with."

Edmond police arrested Blair Thursday, July 14.