OKC Woman Hits Pedestrian With Car, Says 'My Bad'

Friday, July 15th 2011, 1:06 pm
By: News 9


EDMOND, Oklahoma – Edmond police have arrested a woman for hitting a pedestrian with a car, and leaving the scene of the accident on July 7.

According to the police report, 25-year-old Lashydrea Chalon Rucker was driving a black Cadillac when the accident happened in the 1700 block of S. Broadway. The victim says she was walking on the sidewalk and crossing a driveway when she saw the black Cadillac driving through the parking lot, approaching her very rapidly.

The Cadillac then struck her. The woman was pushed onto the hood of the vehicle then fell to the ground. She says that after she fell, the driver rolled down her window and said "Oops, my bad" before leaving the scene.

The victim saw the license plate and police were able to locate the owner of the Cadillac. They contacted him and found out that he is the manager of a local AT&T Store on S. Broadway in Edmond.  He told police he'd let Rucker, his employee, use his car during her lunch hour.

He says she told him about the accident, and described the collision very similar to what the victim has said.

Based on this information, police made contact with Rucker and took her into custody.  Police say Rucker said she thought the victim was not hurt, and it was okay to drive away.

Rucker is under arrest for leaving the scene of an accident causing a nonfatal injury.