Apparent Animal Adoption Scam Threatens Two Puppies' Lives

Monday, July 25th 2011, 11:29 pm
By: News 9

Michael Konopasek, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- A Facebook group is spreading the word about an apparent con artist. The members of the group say a woman is charging people to adopt pets out but ends up sending the pets to the pound.

One woman says she gave Trails End Animal Rescue two puppies in hopes of finding them a new home, but that's not what happened. That woman says she paid the organization $55 for the in-take process only to find the dogs at an Oklahoma City shelter just two days later.

Jennifer Campbell operates what she calls an animal rescue from her home, but other animal rescue groups and Facebook groups are saying beware, calling Campbell's business a scam.

"All weekend I was pretty much horrified and miserable because I didn't know what was going to happen," said the apparent victim who asked not to be identified.

A woman, going by the name of Sara asked News 9 to hide her identity. She says Campbell's actions almost cost two puppies their lives.

Sara says she brought the puppies to Campbell after finding them on the side of the road. The idea was to find them a loving family to live with.

"I paid the fifty five bucks and [Campbell] said if anybody wanted to adopt the dogs all they had to do was pay her a bag of dog food," said Sara.

But when Sara visited the Oklahoma City animal shelter later in the week she was surprised to find the pups behind the bars of a cage set to be put down.

"Those dogs, I have never seen," claimed Campbell.

Campbell claims she had never met Sara. At first, Campbell told News 9 she had never seen the dogs, but later admitted that she thought they were strays and had the city pick them up.

"I've had a lot of dogs dumped on me," said Campbell.

Campbell says she usually has up to 4 dogs on her property but can have as many as 18 on weekends when she adopts the animals. She admits her organization is not a certified pet rescue.

As for Sara, she says she just wants the dogs to find a good home, and for the public to be aware about Campbell and the Trail Ends Animal Rescue.

"I haven't even contacted the news channels," said Sara. " The story spread really fast because a lot of people care."

News 9 can report that the two puppies have now been placed into the adoption section of the animal shelter. To inquire about adopting the animals, visit the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter at 2811 SE 29th, OKC and ask about animals numbered A089284 and A089285.

News 9 searched Campbell's criminal records. She has been in trouble in the past for animal theft, but the charges were dismissed.