Moore Cemetery Shootout Leaves Mangled Trucks, Toppled Headstones

Sunday, July 31st 2011, 10:19 pm
By: News 9

Michael Konopasek, News 9

MOORE, Oklahoma -- Police in Moore are investigating a bizarre scene at a cemetery. Officers got a 911 call about shots being fired. When they arrived on the scene, they found two mangled trucks, and toppled headstones.

Four men were in police hands Sunday evening as investigators try to piece together the scene of destruction. It happened around 1:30 p.m., Sunday at Moore Cemetery.

Those whose names are etched on the headstones may rest in peace, but their final resting places are left disturbed.

"It's our understanding at this point that the subjects came out to the cemetery in order to fight," said Lieutenant Ted Belling of the Moore police department

Police say shortly after 1:30 Sunday afternoon, four men began exchanging gunfire from two moving trucks. The men then plowed through the cemetery, knocking down headstones and benches until the vehicles crashed head on and the path of destruction came to an end.

For most of Sunday afternoon, the cemetery was closed to the public as it was considered a crime scene.

As of late Sunday, police did not know much, including what provoked the men to cause such mayhem.

"At this time we're still early in the investigation and we're still trying to determine exactly what happened when the subjects got on the scene," said Belling.

One of the suspects was injured in the leg when the trucks collided. Police say no one was shot during the shootout.

For now, on a quiet Sunday, a once peaceful cemetery is turned into what appears to be the site of a demolition derby.

Police say there were no witnesses at the cemetery when the crimes took place, so investigators will need to rely on suspect interviews. Police say they are not receiving too much cooperation from the suspects.

Police also say they aren't sure just how much it will cost to repair all the damage at the cemetery.