El Reno Re-Implements Odd/Even Water Rationing

Monday, August 8th 2011, 3:36 pm
By: News 9


EL RENO, Oklahoma -- The City of El Reno has lifted its "hand watering only" rationing system from last week, and is re- implementing water rationing standards that are still being implemented by Oklahoma City.

City officials say that as part of Oklahoma City's water rationing measures, wholesale customers, such as the City of El Reno, are being asked to continue to implement the same water rationing measures as Oklahoma City residents are implementing.

Last week, El Reno implemented a "hand watering only" rationing policy to allow water levels in its clear wells to reach safe levels. City officials say due to the rationing standards and increased supply from the Oklahoma City water system, clear well levels are now safe and citizens can go back to the odd/even rationing system.

"We feel compelled to honor Oklahoma City's request because it will insure our relationship with Oklahoma City for additional water that we need to augment our system," said Tony Rivera, El Reno City Manager.

Citizens are being asked to re- implement an odd/even numbered watering program effective Aug. 8. All citizens whose homes have even numbered addresses are asked to water on even dates. Citizens whose homes have odd numbered addresses are asked to water on odd dates.

This system applies to yard sprinklers and irrigation systems. Hand watering will be allowed by all citizens on any day of the week.

El Reno is also implementing water rationing procedures for irrigation on some of its recreational facilities.

City officials offered some additional tips to help El Reno citizens maximize their water usage for lawns and landscaping.

• Water in the early morning or evening hours when the weather is coolest. Watering

during the heat of the day maximizes evaporation and the amount of water that will reach

a lawn and/or landscaping.

• Make sure the sprinkler is pointed so that water always reaches the yard, not the street or


• Watering in heavy wind will also lead to less water reaching the desired destination.