Report: Kevin Durant Offered Contract To Play In Russia

Wednesday, August 17th 2011, 6:40 pm
By: News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY – A report released Wednesday says Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant has been offered a contract that would pay him $1 million per month to play in Russia. first provided a translated report of's original information about the deal. It says Russian team CSKA Moscow has talked to Durant's representatives and offered the contract.

The NBA is in the midst of a lockout that now has been running for almost two full months. There remains no end in sight, and there is a very real possibility of the league's next season being cut short.

In the meantime, playing overseas has become an option for players to both make money and compete at a professional level. Deron Williams was the first player to make the jump when he agreed to a contract with a team in Turkey.

Durant told Sports Illustrated in July that he was seriously considering playing overseas, and he told The Washington Post that he would make his decision by Oct. 1.

"I love playing in the States," Durant said. "But I want to play somewhere. If you have an opportunity to [play overseas], it's something you have to think about."

Durant's contract would run only for as long as the lockout lasts, so there is no danger of him missing games with the Thunder if there is an NBA season. However, it would keep him from taking part in team-wide practices or events, which must be organized by the players themselves because they cannot have any contact with coaches or management.