My 2 Cents: No Business Wearing A Speedo

Thursday, August 18th 2011, 10:35 pm
By: News 9

Kelly Ogle, News 9

You know I've never had the nerve to wear a Speedo, but maybe in a few more years.

Oh, I can hear you groaning out there, and that hurts.

Nonetheless, it validates the argument an old lifeguard in New York is making.

He's 61 and was forced out of the lifeguard job he's loved for 40 years, because he refused to wear a skimpy Speedo swimsuit.

Roy Lester, says that no man above 50 has any business wearing a Speedo.

Above 50? I've gotta get one in a hurry.

And this isn't some out of shape guy saying this, I'm talking about Roy of course.

I mean this guy still looks very fit.

The lawyer, part time lifeguard, and triathlete, says he prefers these longer "jammer" shorts as he calls them and he says New York is guilty of ageism for insisting that he wear a tiny Speedo.

Honestly, Roy, I don't think the jammers are doing you any favors either.

This case shouldn't be all that hard to win, all he's got to do is walk into court in a Speedo, and say... I rest my case.

And by the way, thanks to all of you who shattered my self confidence on Facebook and Twitter at the very mention of getting a Speedo.