Lake Texoma Under Lake-Wide Blue-Green Algae Warning

Tuesday, August 30th 2011, 8:39 pm
By: News 9

TULSA, Oklahoma – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Tulsa District has revised its blue-green algae matrix due to the recent test results from Lake Texoma. All of Lake Texoma is now under a blue-green algae warning, and water contact is prohibited at this point.

According to the Corps, at the warning level, harmful algae are present, and the water is considered unsafe for people and pets.

The Corps say based on test results, the blue-green algae bloom at Lake Texoma is dominated by a type of the toxin-producing algae called Cylindrospermopsis. This type of blue-green algae bloom does not look like other BGA blooms that form mats, scum, foam, or have the characteristic "spilled paint" look.

"This bloom is a sub-surface bloom of significant magnitude," said Lt. Col. Eugene Snyman, deputy commander. "It is very important that the public is well informed and able to assess the adverse health risk this bloom poses to them and their families as they make their weekend plans at Lake Texoma."

However, according to the Corps, Lake Texoma is still open. All Corps recreation areas are still open to camping. Boating is also permitted, but boaters should reduce their speed because the spray caused by higher speeds can be dangerous if inhaled.

In addition to Lake Texoma, a warning has also been issued for Sandy Bass Bay at Eufaula Lake and water contact is prohibited in this part of the lake.

View the updated list of lakes affected by blue-green algae here.

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