Families Return To Homes As Fires Continue

Thursday, September 1st 2011, 12:43 am
By: News 9

Michael Konopasek, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY – On Wednesday, some people who live in the areas affected by the fires were able to return home.

Some had homes to return to, while others returned to nothing but piles of ash and charred wood.

News 9 talked with a family who returned home to destruction on Wednesday morning but not total destruction. They say if it wasn't for some of Oklahoma's finest, it could have been a lot worse

Lynett Adkins doused a remaining hotspot on her front fence. She's determined to make sure it doesn't re-ignite turning into a larger fire.

"I had some tears," Adkins said. "I had a lot of my daughter's keepsakes [in the structure that burned]. That kind of hurt."

Adkins returned to see nothing but a black mess in back of her house. The barns and buildings behind the home are no more, leaving an old Ford Mustang, appliances, and countless keepsakes destroyed.

"I just moved back here, and all the stuff that I moved is gone," Adkins said.

Although there is loss, Adkins says she is counting her blessings. Her home and horse were saved.

At first Adkins didn't see her horse, so she started yelling for him. Much to her surprise the horse started jumping over fences to get to her.

"He walked up, and I talked to him," Adkins said. "He took his head and rubbed my chest," Adkins said with a smile.

Her beloved horse's nudge was a tearfully happy welcome home.

Adkins says the only thing they lost were things, not lives. And, that is always good news. She says fire crews both in the air and on the ground saved her home from being destroyed.