Uninsured Homeowner Loses Everything In Oklahoma City Wildfire

Thursday, September 1st 2011, 6:52 pm
By: News 9

Jamie Oberg, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Oklahoma's insurance commissioner got a first hand look at all the damage in northeast Oklahoma City Thursday.

Twenty-five homes were destroyed, three others suffered damage and numerous barns and out-buildings were destroyed according to the Oklahoma City Fire Department.

For homeowner Lori Turner, all she has ever owned burned up in the fire and, like so many in the path of these Oklahoma wildfires, she has no insurance.

It's a bittersweet reminder, said Insurance Commissioner John Doak while surveying the damage Thursday, of the importance of homeowner's insurance as the first line of defense.

"We're praying and hoping folks can rebuild," he said.

"Are you serious?" Turner said.  "We' can't even afford healthcare for ourselves."  

Insurance is the last thing on Turner's mind in the aftermath. The shock is still settling in for Turner who lost her mobile home, furniture, trucks and several animals in the fire.

"Everything I've ever treasured, destroyed here on this property," she said.

With or without insurance, the scope of the damage is unsettling for homeowners and neighbors alike. They're thankful everyone got out safely, but say now all that's left is to pick up the pieces and try and move on.

"What will you do financially?  See all this scrap metal?  We're going to haul it off, hopefully that will put a little gas in the truck I still got," Turner said.

Oklahoma's Insurance Commissioner said he wants homeowners to call the Oklahoma Insurance Department hotline at 800-522-0071 to see about some or any type of insurance coverage before natural disasters strike.