Investigation Continues Into Noble Helicopter Wave Off

Friday, September 2nd 2011, 6:30 pm
By: News 9

Jamie Oberg, News9

NOBLE, Oklahoma -- Viewers watched the story unfold on News 9 Thursday night in Noble, a man appeared to be waving away National Guard helicopters from a pond, on live television. Then the FBI was searching for the man.

Friday, police are still investigating after someone called 911 and said that man on the property had a gun ready to shoot at the military aircraft. News 9 talked to the father of the man in the news clip seen waving, about the incident.

Twenty-four hours later, fires in Noble were still smoldering and stirring and so was the story and debate over why a man would allegedly wave a gun at National Guard helicopters in town to help put out wildfires.

When we slowed down the video, you can see a man appears to be waving away a helicopter. Not just any helicopter, an aircraft on a military mission.

The National Guard answered the familiar call and began filling up the aircraft bucket with water to dowse nearby flames. Family confirmed with News9, the man in the video is 30-year-old Jason Dollarhide, but they didn't want to go on camera. 

We were able to talk to Jason Dollarhide's father Randy at his shop in Noble. He said he had "a long talk" with his son after yesterday's incident and he did not have a gun.

Randy says it was a fishing pole everyone saw waving around in the news clip and Jason did not mean any harm.

Police in Noble would like Jason Dollarhide to stop by and give them a statement, meanwhile an FBI spokesperson said they are no longer involved in this case. Police officers say they're still interviewing possible witnesses in this case. They say the man accused may still face charges of obstructing a firefighter. 

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