Play the Percentages: Sept. 4, 2011

Monday, September 5th 2011, 1:14 am
By: News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Last week's Play the Percentages ended in a tie, so it was a grudge match between Dean Blevins and John Holcomb to see which Sports Director would lift the golden challis.

Landry Jones and Brandon Weeden both continued the trend they started a season ago, putting up big numbers each week. What are the chances that both quarterbacks both helped their cases for winning the Heisman Trophy?

With Texas A&M sending out their official notice that they plan to withdraw from the Big 12, rumors surfaced that Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas and Texas Tech were contemplating a move to the Pac-12. With the expansion to the Pac-16, what are the 16-team conference would be better than the SEC?

Walk-on running back Dominique Whaley was the featured back in the Sooners' win over Tulsa Saturday, but what are the chances that he continues in that role as the season plays out?

The US Open is in full swing, so we asked the Sports Directors, what are the chances that an American player claims the tournament title?

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy has the rare duty of matching up with both Stoops brothers this season, as OSU plays Arizona and obviously Oklahoma. What are the chances the Cowboys' head man can lead his team to a victory over one of the Stoops brothers?