Bob Stoops Press Conference-Week 2

Tuesday, September 6th 2011, 3:29 pm
By: News 9

NORMAN, Oklahoma – The Sooner football team may have a bye week this week, but there's no break from the weekly press conference with head coach Bob Stoops.

Below are some of the highlights of Tuesday's chat with the media.

Most notably, when the head coach was talking about conference realignment, he said that the OU vs. Texas series wouldn't ‘necessarily' continue if the two teams don't end up in the same conference.

"Things change," said Stoops. "If it works out great, if it doesn't it doesn't."

The team will practice Tuesday-Thursday this week and be off Friday-Sunday. Their next opponent is the No. 5 ranked Florida State Sept. 17 at 7 p.m.

On how he felt about the Tulsa game:

"It was very pleasing on many aspects" for an opener.

Coach also thought the run game, and the play of quarterback Landry Jones was good, but could be better.

Ben Habern, Dominique Whaley and Casey Walker all received game balls for their performance in the opener.

On the challenge of facing Florida State:

Stoops: "Obvious" thought is how much Noles improved in 2010.

"We recognize it, very aware of what a different team than they were a year ago. Excited about the challenge of it."

Stoops: FSU's EJ Manuel is "an excellent QB. Big guy, throws the ball well, runs around...That's not uncommon anymore."

On conference realignment:

Can you see OU in the Pac 16 without Texas? Stoops: "Sure. Why not?" "But I'm not lobbying for anything...whatever the OU president and administration want, I'm all in."

Stoops on 16-team leagues and playoff: Says regular season is almost like playoff, might naturally narrow down who plays for national title.

"If everyone had to go to championship games, it might simplify the BCS."

On individual players:

Roy Finch: "We love Roy. He'll continue to get more and more snaps."

Stoops said that it is still up in the air whether or not freshman running back Brandon Williams will play, saying "it's being considered."

"Landry played very well, he had an excellent night but still missed a couple of throws."

"We're used to seeing the Sam Bradford's. We've gotten picky here. And that's OK...Landry played well."

On how the running backs and Dominique Whaley played: "It's one game. That doesn't mean we're going to be that way the rest of the year."

Stoops on Whaley: "All the experience Dominique has had, he'll stick to what works for him. That's working hard."He'll be same guy, hard-worker, smart player. I expect him to continue the same way."

Daryl Williams has a "little" sprained ankle and should be back to practice in a couple of days.

Stoops: Wants to get Kameel Jackson "more and more involved."

Stoops doesn't rule out possibility of Jefferson moving to back safety (in place of J. Harris) when Travis Lewis returns.

Stoops also said that it would be really hard for linebacker Travis Lewis to be back by the FSU game, he said " I don't expect that to happen."

On recruiting:

"Proximity (in recruiting) matters the most. We've always recruited heavier, stronger in N. Texas than in the South."

Stoops also added that regardless of what conference they end up in, they will continue to look for good players and recruit out of Texas.