Apparent Florida State Fan Sends Offensive Tweets To OU Player

Tuesday, September 13th 2011, 11:51 pm
By: News 9

Dana Hertneky,

NORMAN -- A lot of Oklahomans are outraged over an apparent Florida State University fan sending offensive tweets to an OU player.

The remarks take aim at the player's family and the Oklahoma City Bombing, among others.

The tweets come as No. 1 OU plays No. 5 Florida State this weekend – the biggest game of the upcoming weekend and perhaps the game of the year so far in college football.

But most people from both schools agree that the messages go way beyond pregame trash talk.

The tweets started coming to OU linebacker Tony Jefferson Monday night:

@TheGhettoWizard C_Frankenstein: @tonyjefferson1 all i wanted was for you to answer a few questions. **** you. I hope your mother gets cancer.

@TheGhettoWizard C_Frankenstein: @tonyjefferson1 I'm not even kidding. I hope she **** dies. I hope your entire family gets butchered in front of you.

@TheGhettoWizard C_Frankenstein: @tonyjefferson1 I hope your sister gets raped and killed and mutilated. I hope someone builds a cage with her bones.

@TheGhettoWizard C_Frankenstein: @tonyjefferson1 You're so **** soft I can't even believe it. Do you play for OU or UGA? you're so soft i don't even know

@TheGhettoWizard C_Frankenstein: @tonyjefferson1 I can't wait til you try to tackle Freeman. He's going to blow you up like he was Timothy McVeigh.

"That's pretty messed up," OU student Raisul Islam said of the incident. "That's more than pretty messed up - that's really messed up."

On the OU campus some students had heard about the tweets, but none we talked to knew exactly what they said until we showed them.

"That's offensive on so many levels," another student said.

The tweets come from @TheGhettoWizard, whose account has since been shut down. The writer even took aim at former OU linebacker Austin Box, who passed away over the summer.

Neither Jefferson nor anyone from the team would comment on camera. But Jefferson did tweet the following last night:

"I really wish Florida state fans would stop tweeting me. Just let us play. It's a big time game. no need for that."

And fans at Florida State seem equally appalled.

Studdmuffin772, who apparently called for fans to start tweeting Jefferson, wrote: "the comment was too far please don't associate me or any fsu fans with that scum."

News 9 did try to contact the student who apparently sent the tweets but he hung up when called and he didn't return our e-mails.

Another similar twitter account called "AustinBoxZombie" also showed up this afternoon, but it has also been taken down.