LISTEN NOW: Mustang Police Release Frantic 911 Calls Made By Slain Fire Chief's Wife

Thursday, September 22nd 2011, 4:16 pm
By: News 9

MUSTANG, Oklahoma – The Mustang Police Department has released the 911 calls made by the wife of Nichols Hills Fire Chief Keith Bryan just moments after a man shot her husband in the head.

Becky Bryan made two calls to 911 around 10:15 p.m. on Tuesday, September 20. In the first call, Mrs. Bryan sounds calm, but her voice shakes. She starts to tell the dispatcher something about a young man, about 25 years old but the call abruptly cuts off before she can say more.

A few minutes later Mrs. Bryan calls back and asks if police are on their way. The dispatcher says an officer is on the way then asks Mrs. Bryan to tell him what's happened.

Mrs. Bryan says a man in a hooded shirt walked in through the garage, into the couple's living room and shot Chief Bryan in the head. At that point she begins to cry and tells the dispatcher:

"My husband is laying here bleeding on my couch by now! And he turned around and said to me, ‘Ma'am, I'm so sorry,' he said. ‘But your husband should have hired me.' Oh my God!"

Mrs. Bryan tries to describe the truck the shooter left in, but she tells the dispatcher it's too dark and she can't tell what model the truck is or its color. Toward the end of the call, Mrs. Bryan becomes hysterical, saying:

"I've got to go! I've got to go! My husband is laying here gasping for air! He's dripping! He's like moving! I've got to have somebody here!"

Police and ambulance arrived just moments later and rushed Chief Bryan to the hospital. He died the next morning from a gunshot wound to the head.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is still searching for the killer.