Former Police Officer Accused Of Molestation Speaks Out

Thursday, September 22nd 2011, 6:12 pm
By: News 9

Adrianna Iwasinski, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- A former Oklahoma City Police officer accused of molesting his adopted sons is speaking out.

Maurice Martinez says he never wanted to have any children of his own, but years ago he was asked by a DHS case worker to help a troubled teen. One teen turned into another, and soon Martinez was fostering dozens of boys who needed help.

"I helped a lot of kids," said Martinez, during a one-on-one interview at his attorney's office Thursday afternoon.

Martinez says more than 60 teenage boys have walked through his door over the past decade, many of which would have otherwise been on the streets.

"I got a lot of kids I helped become police officers," brags Martinez. "One became an FBI agent out in New Mexico. A lot of them go to the military and when you start putting these kids in there and they come back two or three years later and say ‘Hey, Dad,' you know you feel like you did some good."

Earlier this year, Martinez was arrested and charged with molesting one of his adopted sons.

After spending months in the Oklahoma County jail and switching attorneys, Martinez was recently released on $175,000 bond and placed under house arrest. He also has to wear an ankle monitor at all times.

"Feels good to be home," maintains Martinez. "But I am glad I have the ankle monitor. That way I can prove that I am actually not tampering with witnesses."

There had been allegations Martinez did badger and threaten some witnesses early on in the investigation.

He denies that ever happened and says he just wants to clear his name.

"You know the boys have been trying to tell people over and over that nothing happened," says Martinez. "They want to get on with their life too. They keep asking their attorney to get visits and they want to come home."

Early on, many of the young men Maurice Martinez fostered and adopted spoke out in his defense. They also contended the boy making the accusation was lying.

That boy later recanted on video and on the stand.

"He tried to fix it!" said Martinez. "He's a good boy. He's my son that I adopted and I love him."

Martinez says he's done with fostering and adopting children for now and will focus his attention on fighting the remaining allegations against him.