Troubled Del City Apartment Complex Turned Over To City

Thursday, September 22nd 2011, 7:32 pm
By: News 9

Darren Brown, News 9

DEL CITY, Oklahoma -- Security has been an issue at the Eagle Point apartments in Del City for years, ever since they closed two years ago. Its recent purchase by the city may finally turn things around.

The complex has been a headache for years according to city officials. However, the city acquired the deed to the complex just three weeks ago, and already is developing a plan for its demolition.

It can't happen soon enough for Jane Pena, who lives about a block away.

"There were gangs running around, and there still is," said Pena. "You always hear, y'know, a shot or something."

Hamid Daneshy owns a gas station that sits directly in front of the abandoned complex. Daneshy has been at the location for nine years and claims that problems with the complex have gotten worse since it closed, since the security went with it. He's cut back on the hours that his business is open.

"Security has gone down sharply," Daneshy said. "I don't feel safe for my employees to leave the store open. By the time that the weather gets dark at this time, I ask them to close and go home."

Daneshy cited at least two fires at the complex in the last two years, started by vagrants who have been living in the empty complex.

"One of the buildings caught on fire, completely destroyed," said Daneshy. "A homeless woman was burned inside that building."

Though the city is still developing its plan, neighbors in the area don't have much patience. Jane Pena wants the complex gone as soon as possible.

"I just wanna see how long it's gonna take them to clean it up," said Pena.