Mustang Private School Closes, Keeps Parents' Tuition

Thursday, September 22nd 2011, 10:52 pm
By: News 9

Dana Hertneky, News 9

MUSTANG -- Golden Hall school in Mustang closed just three weeks into the school year, yet according to some parents, the school kept the charter membership money and tuition the parents had paid months, even a year, in advance.

Golden Hall pre-school through 2nd grade opened last year.

"I couldn't have been happier," said Jennifer Allman, who sent her two boys to the school when it started.

This summer, board members decided they needed to expand and moved into a former feed store. And that's when parents started pulling their kids out.

"We had some immediate concerns," said Allman. "There was no fence on the property, it was on highway 152 which is a much busier road."

According to the founder's attorney, so many students left that the school was forced to close.

"We bought a semester ahead so we expect a semester of education," said Travis Benham who pulled his daughter out of Golden Hall one day before it closed.

He had already paid for a charter membership and a semester of tuition: a total of $4700.

But then he asked for his money back.

"We sent a certified letter and they refused it twice," said Benham.

Jennifer Allman said she also paid for a charter membership and tuition in advance and now she's out $3698.

And she said that's the case with the parents of dozens of students who used to go to Golden Hall and are now learning a big lesson in being careful who you trust.

"I'd like to get my money back," said Benham.

Roger Everett, the attorney for Golden Hall's founder Aimee Golden, said parents signed a document saying they wouldn't get any money back when they enrolled their children.

But Allman and Benham said they didn't sign anything like that.

Some parents said they are considering taking legal action to get their money back.