Campus Security Beefed Up At Langston University

Thursday, October 6th 2011, 10:56 pm
By: News 9

Lisa Monahan, News 9

LANGSTON, Oklahoma – One year after a campus party ended in gunshots, students said they feel safe at Langston University.

Leviticus Bull was at that party when the shooting happened and said he believes new security measures are helping.

"I feel like police have a better understanding of what can go on and what can happen," he said.

Even though the gunmen were not Langston students, the university added welcome centers, cameras and more officers on campus.

Langston University Police Chief Michael Storr said he feels the changes have helped.

"We are able to somewhat control their access and entrance into the university giving us a better understanding to figure out who is coming on campus."

The campus covers most of the city of Langston. Enhanced security measures are now going city-wide.

Langston Police Chief Jeff Jenkins said he is implementing foot and bike patrols.

"It deters crime when you see officers on foot patrol," he said.

Jenkins said citizens have thanked officers for showing more community involvement.

With no recurrence of incidents as significant as last year's shooting, Jenkins said he believes the new initiatives have curbed crime in the city.

"We always say here in Langston we don't have crime because we don't allow it."