Coach Accused Of Sex With Student Speaks Out

Friday, October 7th 2011, 8:32 pm
By: News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- He is facing several charges of rape and oral sodomy for allegedly having sex with a student, but Western Height's coach Tyrone Nash says he's innocent and can prove it.

Tyrone Nash and his attorneys are asking the district attorney to drop all charges against him.

Nash says he passed a lie detector test and has medical evidence the crimes never happened.

In the seven page arrest affidavit, the alleged victim says the relationship started when Nash gave her a ride home from a party. In the court papers, the student gave police a detailed description of the inside of Nash's home.

Nash admits to giving her a ride, but says he never invited her into his home.

Nash and his attorneys point out his home had been recently burglarized. And some details could be acquired by looking through a window or if the student was in his house before Nash bought it.

"Just this type of allegation destroys careers," said Nash's attorney David Slane.


But Nash's attorneys say a polygraph test, where Nash was asked specifically about the allegations, and a medical exam that shows there is not an identifiable mark on Nash's private area that the victim said there is, is proof the DA should drop the charges.

"It's another way for us to confirm that what she's saying isn't true," said Slane.

Nash had been a coach at the school for ten years, a teacher for nine. He is now on paid administrative leave. The school board is moving forward with his termination.

"To have all that taken away and possibly never ever be able to get back to that point is extremely frustrating," said Nash.

The prosecutor on this case says they have no intention of dropping the charges, a polygraph test is not admissible in court because it is unreliable.

The prosecutor also believes there is sufficient evidence that supports the claims of the victim.

And this is the first they've ever heard that the victim may have broken into Nash's home.