Bob Stoops Weekly Press Conference Tidbits-Week 7

Tuesday, October 11th 2011, 2:54 pm
By: News 9

NORMAN, Oklahoma—Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops took the podium Tuesday to talk with the media about the Sooners upcoming matchup at Kansas.

Stoops says he was pleased with many of the players performances against Texas but that overall he still feels like there is a lot the team can still improve on.

"I still feel there's a lot more there that we will continue to build on," said Stoops. I thought we had a good day yesterday starting that and so hopefully we will continue to get better."

"When you look at them at home they have showed they are a team that like some teams are that way that they are much better at home than they are on the road. They just had a knock-down fourth quarter game with Texas Tech the week before at home where they went back and forth in that game and ended up losing late so we know they are a very capable team."

Stoops noted a couple of significant things to watch when it comes to Kansas which include the number of offensive yards they average per game--460, and their quarterback Jordan Webb who is completing nearly 70 percent of his passes.

"I know they've had some struggles defensively, but our whole focus is going to be on what can we keep doing to polish our self up, what we need to keep doing better and really focus on what we've got to do to keep making an improvement on our own team," said Stoops.

"We still need to keep finding ways to get the ball to our tight ends and we have some but we need to more," said Stoops. "I'm not complaining, we moved the ball very well and the receivers are making great plays."

Stoops also talked about the strength on defense, especially at tight in saying how well Ronnell Lewis and Frank Alexander have played and how David King has emerged and made a difference for OU.

"Maybe the surprise for me that's really been a real positive is RJ (Washington)," said Stoops. "Not that it should be a surprise but he has really come on and is making a lot of nice plays and tips."

Stoops also addressed the recent firing of his brother from the University of Arizona.

"It's really unfortunate and it always hurts when you are close to someone and this happens. He just kind of hit a perfect storm they had injuries early, actually before the season started—so kind of playing short-handed and then you play three of the first four games against top 10 teams between Oregon, Stanford and Oklahoma State so you kind of get beat up some more or you get demoralized and it's just kind of hard to recover," said Stoops. "It's unfortunate, but I know he gave it his heart and soul for sure and that's all you can do."

When asked if he would consider hiring Mike Stoops at OU if he had an opening, Bob said, "Sure if I've got enough money to, he's going to have a lot of opportunities I know that."

Stoops was also asked about the addition of TCU to the Big 12:

"I think it's great --the whole proximity and success and the strong program that they have," said Stoops. "I just think for this whole region, it's really a positive. I think we have really made some excellent strides here and I appreciate the work of President Boren and all the presidents what they've been doing over the last several weeks to improve our conference."

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As far as the number of teams in the conference Stoops said either 10 or 12 is fine with him as long as the conference has a BCS birth.

"With the right teams, 12 would be great. If it works that way and keeps moving that way then that will be great, but if it doesn't an bringing in 12 doesn't make us any more powerful, stronger, whatever it may be--richer than maybe it isn't the right thing to do," said Stoops.

The head coach was also asked about Landry Jones in the running and conversation for the Heisman Trophy and about the junior quarterback going pro.

"I am not going to advise him on whether he should or shouldn't" said Stoops. "I want him to really make and educated (decision) and have full understanding of what it entails."

"I always find it interesting, look at who knows the system and the game better than Archie Manning? His two sons were pretty special, they didn't go out early and it's worked out OK for them and it seems to have worked out pretty good for Sam (Bradford)," said Stoops.

"I don't know why he wouldn't be up with everybody (in the Heisman talks), with anyone that's up there after six games," said Stoops. "When you look at this numbers and what he has done and is winning--he's played great so I would think he has every bit as much of a chance here in the last six or seven games of the year as anybody does."

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Stoops also said the continued play of Ryan Broyles has been really strong. "The guy has been unbelievable," said Stoops. "His hands and competitiveness, ability to find space and get behind people is really special."

Broyles needs only thee more catches to break the NCAA record for career receptions. For his career, Broyles has 313 catches for 4,027 yards and 42 touchdowns. Already the Big 12 Conference's all-time leader in receptions, he needs one more touchdown catch to set the league mark in that category.

Coach Stoops also said Brennan Clay should be back this week against the Jayhawks.

Oklahoma will head to Kansas for an evening matchup that will kick off at 8:15 p.m. and be televised on ESPN 2.