My 2 Cents: Remembering Bob Barry Sr.

Monday, October 31st 2011, 11:13 pm
By: News 9

Kelly Ogle, News 9

I was traveling through Texas alone in my car Saturday listening to some college football game, and I could hardly even enjoy it. I couldn't help but compare the play by play guy to Bob Barry, and Bob had spoiled us.

He was the best, we didn't have many televised games and didn't need them during Bob's heyday, his call was better than seeing it on TV!

Then I got word yesterday that we'd lost Bob... sad day.

Some personal thoughts. My brothers and I had the privilege of growing up around Bob Barry, watching him work, laughing at his stories, witnessing his integrity. He was one of my dad's best buddies, and someone the Ogle boys always looked up to.

He never called me Kelly, always Kel or babe. I remember him and my dad coming to my brother's baseball practice in their shirts and ties fresh off the news set, and Bob stepping onto the mound and working with the pitchers, firing fastballs in his good clothes.

I remember him encouraging an ultra competitive 14-year-old by letting him win at a game of golf, even though I didn't realize he had until I was a few years older.

Bob Barry was never too busy or too important to talk to you, even us kids. You know all about the Sports legend stuff, and it's all true. He was a great television anchor, and he was a one of a kind talent at Play by Play.

But he was also a great husband to Joan, a wonderful dad to Frank and Bobby, and he will forever be a special part of the Ogle family.