Oklahoma City Home Invaders Target 80-Year-Old Man

Thursday, November 3rd 2011, 11:10 pm
By: News 9

Michael Konopasek, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Oklahoma City police are searching for two men accused of a home invasion that caused some scary moments for those inside the home. News 9 spoke with the home owner as he recalls events he says he will never forget.

It could have been a scene right out of a movie, being woken up in the middle of the night with strangers in your home, not knowing whether you are going to live or die.

Mickey Carey has been through a lot in his 80 years from surviving open heart surgery to caring for his wife who is battling cancer.  But, nothing prepared him for what happened on the eve of Halloween.

"I never realized they [were] here, [until] they were standing over me with a gun," Carey said.

At 4 a.m., Mickey had a gun pointed at his face with two men making demands.

"They asked me where they money was, and I told them all the money I had was in my billfold," Carey said.

The night before the invasion, one of Carey's friends returned a pickup truck he had borrowed and left the key in Carey's mailbox.

Carey says the burglars found that key, got into the truck and used the garage door opener to walk into the home. Carey was sleeping on the couch in his den. His wife and two granddaughters were sleeping in the other room. He says he immediately feared they could be killed.

"[The intruders] said, ‘them girls are going to get hurt if you don't do what we tell you,'" said Carey. "My heart was beating real fast."

For nearly two hours the men took as much as they could from the home. Things got nerve racking when they tried to force Carey to open his safe.

"I was so nervous that I couldn't open the safe, and that pissed them off, and they threatened to pistol whip me," said Carey.

In the end, the men locked up Carey in his pantry as they made their escape all while his wife and his two granddaughters were sound asleep having no idea what had happened.

"You just never know whether they're going to kill you afterwards to make sure that you don't identify them or what," said Carey.

Police believe the burglars sold one of Mickey's credit cards to someone who used it at the Belle Isle Wal-Mart the same morning of the home invasion. If you recognize the man in the picture, Oklahoma City Police want to hear from you. Call Crime Stoppers at 235-7300