It Feels Like Christmas

Friday, November 4th 2011, 1:56 pm
By: News 9

I woke up this morning and turned to Nick and said "I'm so excited! It feels like Christmas!" I can't believe the day has come where I'm going to get my eggs removed. I'm not nervous or scared, just excited. It's like knowing you're going to get a present, you're just not sure how many there will be. The nerves never really did hit. I got an IV and they told me I'd fall asleep soon. I laid there looking at the operating lights thinking, there are 2 lights - then nothing… off to lala land! The nurse, Cindy, was so sweet. She said the first thing I'd want to know when I came to was how many eggs they retrieved. And she said most women will forget and ask their husbands about a dozen times. So she said she'd write the number on my left palm so I could look at it as soon as I came to. As soon as I came out of the anesthesia, I looked at Nick and he said, "Look at your hand. 5!" That's what was on my palm, 5! Although a little groggy, I didn't stop smiling. That's 1 more than expected and so I'm staying positive. I went home and was exhausted. I slept until about 2:30! But I was surprised how much I don't hurt. I thought I'd be in some pretty severe pain. In fact, they prescribed me Loratab, but I haven't even needed a Tylenol. I feel some pressure, but it's not bad. This may seem silly, but I haven't washed my left hand all day! I love to keep looking at the 5! It is a sign of hope.