Movie Diva Review: 'Tower Heist' Has Lots Of Laughs

Friday, November 4th 2011, 5:48 pm
By: News 9

Remember when Eddie Murphy was funny? Well, the Murphy of comedy classics such as Trading Places and 48 Hours is back!

"Tower Heist" stars Ben Stiller as the dedicated, hardworking manager of a high-priced, high-rise apartment building in New York. He and his staff stop at nothing to please the super wealthy residents, including the occupant of the penthouse, investor Arthur Shaw (played by Alan Alda).

Stiller's dedication ends when he discovers Alda has ripped off hundreds of people, and emptied the pensions of every one of the apartment employees. Even worse, Alda shows absolutely no remorse but plenty of contempt for all the poor saps who lost their hard-earned money.

That's when Stiller hatches a plan to get his staff's money back, but the people he gathers to pull off this heist are far from criminal masterminds. So Stiller asks the only criminal he knows. Enter Eddie Murphy's character, Slide.

Make no mistake; this is Stiller's movie. He's the main guy in this flick, but Murphy has some really funny moments, and so does sad sack Matthew Broderick (Mr. Fitzhugh).

This movie is not a comedic masterpiece, but it is really funny. There's also plenty of action and it moves along at a good pace. You'll have a good time and enjoy more than a few laughs.

I give this movie 3.5 out of 5 stars. It's rated PG-13.